Hottie Hit and Run- Friday Edition

Since my office blocks WordPress, I have to make these posts at Panera or other establishments that offer free wi-fi (with food or beverage purchase). Ducking out to write today’s Hit-and-Run means that I have to miss the Sales & Marketing luncheon. Actually, I would’ve skipped it on principle because I refuse to take part in any office activity that is promoted by an email full of clip art. I fail to be enticed by a giant bitmap of a smiling fork.

On with the hotness…

It’s already Friday night in Australia, which means Michael Phelps has set yet another world record, this time with the help of other hot, hairless swimmers in the 800m relay. Phelps has won five gold medals and set four world records at the World Championships, which means he breaks records faster than I break hearts. OK, that’s a lie, but it sounds better than the truth…”faster than I break yet another damn IKEA shelf by putting a potted Aloe Vera plant on it”. Even though this article doesn’t say so, Michael Phelps shaves his entire body. I just know it.

Hot and Hairless
Click me for the full size.

Congratulations to the West Virginia Mountaineers who won the Mastercard NIT Mastercard Tournament brought to you by Mastercard by beating the Clemson Tigers 78-73. Hopefully, Mastercard’s ad wizards will create some sort of commemorative commercial with poignant lines like “Value of college scholarship= $112,000; Plane tickets to New York for family members= $867; Hoping WVU can afford color pictures next year= Priceless.” Mountaineers silence critics, prove they’re #66!


In cricket news, Anil “Jumbo” Kumble has announced that he’s retiring from one-day cricket. Kumble is India’s most successful bowler, having taken 500 wickets, put another two or three goo-goos on the blinky, gone ’round the widget and Bob’s yer uncle. Whatever the hell that means… dude’s still hot. And his nickname’s “Jumbo”, which you don’t get by by being a poor leg-spinner, you know? Sometimes, cricket terminology sounds dirty.

Wickety Goodness

Finally, the Ladies… give props to Ria Cortesio, professional baseball’s only female umpire, who had a “flawless” afternoon working the Cubs 7-4 exhibition win over the Diamondbacks yesterday. She has worked in AA ball for 5 years, where one manager once commented “If you didn’t see that ponytail, you wouldn’t know she was a woman out there”. Um, and that’s a compliment, I guess. She says that best-case scenario, she’ll be getting cursed by fans in the Majors by 2009.

Happy Friday. Anyone know if I can expense this Cinnamon Crunch bagel?

27 thoughts on “Hottie Hit and Run- Friday Edition

  1. I think all pro swimmers shave completely, to cut down on the drag in the water. And it makes them look so pretty with their tiny speedos and their awesome muscles.

    And I say expense it- you’re worth it.

  2. All the body shaving and muscles in the world cant stop Phelps from being butt-ugly!

    And yes, shaving reduces skin-friction drag.

  3. is it just me or does the longer hair/facial hair like REALLY help?

    also, cinnamin crunch bagels are the TITS. I’ll even forego a real bagel for one of those delicious little mofos from time to time.

  4. I can’t help it. I think M-Phelps is attractive, in all of his hairless, underage drinking, jug-eared glory. But I’m certainly not against ogling (or would that be goggling?) other hot swimmers…

  5. I thnk M Phelps is hot. And in RL, I don’t care about hair (as long as it’s threatening to swallow the guy). But yeah, I wouldn’t mind that sleek little body in my bed.

  6. Did I mention I happen to know a ton about hot swimmers? I had a mini fascination with them after the ’04 Olympics, and believe me when I say.. there are a TON of them.

  7. It seems like a ton of them came from UT, so I can see how you would know about them. I haven’t had a chance to see Peirsol lately, but I thought he was kind of cute when I saw him swim at the Olympics.

  8. Remember, Michael Phelps is a Michigan Wolverine, just not on the Michigan swim team, so you know, he’s got that going for him, which is nice.


  9. I love that this discussion devolved into hot swimmers. I have high hopes for my 24-7 coverage of hot Olympians next year.

    Oh, what’s that, you want a hot Olympian NOW? I can do that. Give it to Mama, Joey Cheek.

  10. So it’s OK that I have hair on my chest? It’s not Tom Selleck/Reggie Theus level or anything but I was beginning to wonder if I was grossing people out with my “manliness”. I mean I’m not waxing it either way, I was just curious what the Ladies… think.

    (And no, I don’t have back hair)

  11. Waxing/shaving for athletes who do it to improve their game is one thing- random dudes who do it so they look better in the gym is another. I am fine with the former, the latter can be a bit creepy- dudes aren’t supposed to be hairless.

  12. Ok, I know this is delayed, but Michael Phelps is FUGLY, hairless or otherwise. Yeah, his body is nice, but it’s a bit misshapen, like his head atop that thick neck. Simply gross.

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