Hottie Hit n Run

Big-Time Hitter Hottie Albert Pujols hits his first homerun in a spring training game. It was his first homer in 63 spring training at-bats. Cardinals fans come back from the edge of the cliff. Phillies fans still out there. [Pujols Finally Plunks One]



Baller Hottie Dwyane Wade is fairly confident he’ll be back in time for the play-offs. He was inadvertently sneezed on in a game earlier this season and dislocated his shoulder. C’mere, D-wade…..I’ll kiss it better. [D-wade is on my Fantasy Team and My….Fantasy Team]



Golf Hottie (yes, I think he’s hot) Tiger Woods reaches another, albeit strange, milestone. 50 PGA players have finished 2nd to Tiger Woods. Who has the most Bridesmaid titles? Ernie Els and Vijay Singh are tied at 5 apiece. Suck it, Singh. [Number of Sloppy Seconds Reaches 50]


All-American Hottie Adam Haluska will take part in the 3-pointing shooting contest and the All-Star game at the Final Four Festivities in Atlanta this weekend. Well hey, Iowa is sans coach, recruits are jumping ship like we’re the Titanic, we finished tied for 4th in the Big 10 and still got left out of not only the NCAA tourney, but the NIT as well…….but we’ve still got Adam Haluska. Show ‘em what ya got, Hawkeye Hottie. [He’ll have the hottest fiance there, I bet]

13 thoughts on “Hottie Hit n Run

  1. Cardinals fans come back from the edge of the cliff. Phillies fans still out there.

    Yes. Yes, I am. Every time I read a box score I have to do it with a paper bag to breathe in nearby.

  2. Look at Andie with her fancy H&R, with pics next to every tidbit!


    I wonder what the new Garciaparra twins’ names are.

  3. I was actually going to make a crack about the views that will come in off of the Haluska mention, but I didn’t know if anybody else had noticed. There are at least 2 or 3 a day for Haluska or Haluska Girlfriend or whatever. It’s kind of weird….

  4. Damn, this new avatar is not working out. (The email I sent the Ladies last night about Chargers-Steelers game reminded me of a pic someone took with my Steeler temp tattoo, and you can hardly see it.)

  5. Every time I hear about Adam Haluska, it makes me think of chicken and halusky, just like grandma used to make.

    I guess nobody else had a Slovak grandmother.

  6. Andrea, I have a picture of Haluska from the back that I know you won’t appreciate, so I will not be sending it your way.

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