Hottie Hit & Run

Because of injuries to Chien Mien Wang (hee – I said Wang), Carl Pavano is slated to be the Opening Day starter for the Yankees.  I faintly remember a hottie by that name, but hasn’t it been ages since he’s pitched a major league game? [It’s just a little hypocritical for a Mets fan to make fun of Yankee pitching, right?]

 Across town, Mike Pelfrey locks up the 5th starter spot in the Mets rotation.  What is it about an athlete sticking their tongue out that makes him cute? [You better pitch well, you’re on my fantasy team!]

 Yummy Pelfrey

Scouts say Ladies… favorite Cole Hamels looked good in Sunday’s outing; several Ladies… say, “Duh!” [I wish he were on my team, fantasy or otherwise.]

He’d be cuter if he weren’t
married to a slutbag.

NBA chastises Gilbert Arenas for making $10 bets with fans.  I think the crazy just makes him hotter. [Hey, Gil, I bet you $10 that all the Ladies… here would go out with you.]

 Kevin Durant and Greg Oden, among many, are selected to the AP All-America team.  Durant was the only unanimous pick.  I’m sure his good looks helped just a tad. [Okay, I guess his mad ballin’ skillz helped, too.]

6 thoughts on “Hottie Hit & Run

  1. Love the text for the hyper-links. (Ooh, that term is so pre-willenial.) I do take issue with the designation of Cole Hamels as “slutty”, or an whore. It was his wife who stripped down with her female playmate to get peanut butter & a Hershey’s bar.

    … & that’s not even that “slutty”.


  2. So I gotta ask…Pavano gets extra credit points for missing that spring training start to be with his sick girlfriend, right?

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