1-2-3-4, Get Your Booty on the Dancefloor

Who among us is immune to that damn “Jane Fonda”song? Musically, it’s somewhere between “Barbie Girl” and the Teletubbies theme song but if you’ve heard it, I’ve just guaranteed that it’ll be pingponging around your head while you try to watch House.

We’re down to our Final Four hotties here, so enjoy this week’s bracket. And yeah, sorry about having to create a Jonathan Mitchell-Gator hybrid. You try finding any other pictures of him online.


We Ladies try to be objective (save for our undying desire to cover Bryce Taylor in syrup and devour him like a Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity), but if the Bruins could prevent this from ever happening again, we would certainly appreciate it.

Nightmare Fuel

Now. Work it out. Shake it, little mama. Let me see you do the Jane Fonda.

20 thoughts on “1-2-3-4, Get Your Booty on the Dancefloor

  1. I tuned out somewhere around Bryce Taylor covered in syrup…

    Although looking at #1 is making it easier to root for OSU this weekend. Maybe his jersey number and his selection as being a hottie is an omen?

  2. Now. Work it out. Shake it, little mama. Let me see you do the Jane Fonda.

    NO YOU DID NOT just quote Mickey Avalon. I love you.

    Also, hiiiiii James Keefe, hi.

  3. I’ve been pimpin Mickey Av for months now, and I fully expect a certain line from “So Rich, So Pretty” when I finally get my Ryan Madson post from you Ladies….

  4. becky- you need to be putting the pressure on Clare, because even though I’m a (newly converted) Phillies fan, she’s got the Phillies coverage this season.

    Also, I wish gordonshumway could make me up a little stuffed animal that looks like her gator guy (complete with mini basketball in its hand).

  5. becky–

    “When Ryan’s Beemer’s in the shop he rolls the Benz”?

    “Gets money from Mommy, lovely in Versace”?

    “He gets naughty with his Pilates body”?

    Actually, I’ll give Ryan “the best piece of ass in this whole damn city” because Cole hasn’t got much of one to speak of.

  6. You know, often when I read these comment threads on ladies… I feel like I mistakenly walked into a women’s bathroom in the middle of a conversation I am completely incapable of understanding.
    It’s kinda like putting together a puzzle, in the dark, and I think I like it.

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