It’s a Midwest Thang, It’s a Midwest Swang

Both of the Midwest games tonight featured one of the only real underdogs left in the tourney, 5-seed Butler and 7-seed UNLV. Neither one of them came away with a win. Butler looked good at times, but it’s hard to win when you get to shoot 13 free throws and your opponent gets to shoot 28. Why don’t we just crown Florida’s asses and be done with it, eh? Also, I’m so sick of the visage of Joakim Noah that rather than feature a hottie here, I’ll feature a picture that reminds me of Noah. I’m warning you, though, it’s pretty scary.

In the second game of the night, UNLV was down for the majority of the action. However, at the end they pulled within 4 of Oregon and it was close down the stretch, none of which I got to see because effing CBS kept me on the UNC 10-point game over USC.  Dumbasses.  However, this does mean that Bryce Taylor of Oregon advances and he is quite the cutie-patootie. It also means that Oregon becomes the Scrappy Underdog. They are the lowest seed remaining. We have all 4 #1 seeds and 3 of the 4 #2 seeds in the Elite Eight, which is just insane. Go Ducks!  QUACK!  QUACK!  QUACK!  DUCKS FLY TOGETHER!  And here’s some Bryce-peeping:

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