Midwest March Sadness

>>The Bulldogs of Butler knocked off the (in my opinion) too-highly seeded Maryland Terrapins yesterday in a close one.

>>I officially LUV Chris Kramer from Purdue. He played his little heart out and is only a freshman. The Yahoo headline is “Gators Get Away.” YEAH, WITH A LOT OF EFFING FOULS! Between the homer officiating and the freakin’ announcers, this game was gross. Purdue almost pulled it off but freaky alien Joakim Noah could not be contained.

>>Wisconsin overcame a 12-point halftime deficit to at least get back in the game, but then promptly coughed it up and lost to the Runnin’ Rebels of UNLV. I am sad to see 2 Big Ten teams go down, that’s my conference.

>>Oregon took on the role of Cinderella-killer, knocking Winthrop out of the tourney and keeping us in fugly uniforms for at least one more game.

5 thoughts on “Midwest March Sadness

  1. Do not disrespect the colour yellow. Oregon’s uniform didn’t look that bad today. (Maybe, with colour-change ink, I would have felt differently, granted.) & I’m glad to see their Arcade Fire loving selves in there, over the presumably Christian-rockin’ side from Winn-Dixie… I mean, Winthrop.

  2. I love Oregon, but Andrea’s right, those unis look like home whites that were washed with about 1700 highlighters in their pockets.

  3. Big thanks to Wisconsin for having one of the worst tournament performances in recent memory and totally fucking my D—spin bracket. I wish you had just lost in the first round to make it more interesting.

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