The West – Can we look into a ‘Mercy Rule’?

  • Hottie and Patriot League Player of the Year Keith Simmons from Holy Cross was 0-5 from the field and only had 4 free throws in their 51-61 loss to Southern Illinois.   Fun fact: The last time Holy Cross won an NCAA tourney game there were only 48 States.

   Keith, smile when you play to distract the other team.

  • The Wildcats managed to hold on in a close one and beat the Wildcats 67-58.    F-you NCAA for not only matching up team names, but also the team colors.

  • Kansas decided not to mess around this year, (they’ve gone out in the first round the past couple of seasons – destroying my bracket each time), and took Niagara to the woodshed, winning 107-67.

  • In one of the most exciting games of the day, Virginia Tech edged out Illinois 54-52 after being down 10 points with 4 minutes to play. 

4 thoughts on “The West – Can we look into a ‘Mercy Rule’?

  1. Kansas whomped a team playing on the fumes of the play-in game, but they aren’t getting post Kentucky. UK is going to ride the hot-seat all the way to the Elite Eight… where eventual champion UCLA will take ’em out.

  2. I think that’s VCU’s coach, by the way.

    Did you see the way Kentucky played? They didn’t look all that sharp to me. I can see UCLA pulling it off, but not Kentucky – not this year.

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