East Teams: Looking Pretty Damn Good

Look, if you read Ladies… you’re watching the tournament. And I don’t need to say how fucking good North Carolina and Georgetown look. I didn’t buy into the Georgetown hype, but I am now. And Vandy? Where the hell was this all year? Seriously, where was it? Yeah, you beat Florida, but that was when they were bored with SEC play. Thank you for making me look smart and taking you to get to the Sweet 16. Thank you. Oh yeah, and giving us a good game.

But with winning comes losing and we won’t be seeing Washington State, Boston College (go to hell BC), and Michigan State anymore this year. Aww, that’s too bad because Drew Neitzel’s cute headshot will be put away for the next eight months. See people, yet another reason to hate Carolina.

Drew Neitzel

Oh Drew. I can make things better for you. I can make the pain go away.

UNC 81 Michigan State 61
Georgetown 62 Boston College 55
Vanderbilt 78 Washington State 74 (2OT)

6 thoughts on “East Teams: Looking Pretty Damn Good

  1. Drew getting some Ladies… love! The man certainly deserves it – and there is a good chance we’ll get to see him in more than two games in the tournament next year.

    Go Green! Go White!

  2. I’m looking at my bracket for the first time since I filled it out, and seriously, what the hell was I drinking when I filled that out? I don’t even remember what wacked out methodology I used.

  3. Eleven of the Sweet Sixteen will be on my bracket. That’s prolly my best showing ever.

    Still having an intact Final Four after weekend one is certainly my best showing ever, by that measure.

    Go Rebels!

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