Would You….Listen to What She’s Saying Part II: Melissa Stark and Bonnie Bernstein

As we noted earlier in our “Would you do Chris Berman” post, over at The Big Picture they’re having a nice little bracket seeding the female broadcasters against each other in a “Would you…” tourney. Their “Would you…” usually ends with comments that would make Red Buttons Andrew Dice ClayBob Saget blush. Now while we Ladies are far from shrinking violets, we were better off not knowing what “DSL” meant.

So for the rest of “Would you…” tournament, we’re going to give you the reasons why we like these women. Today Lady Andrea is going to weigh-in on blonde bombshell Melissa Stark, while her evil twin Aerdna is going to talk about what football expert Bonnie Bernstein is up too.

Melissa Stark

–b. Nov. 11th, 1973
–has a double-major from UVA in Spanish and Foreign Affairs (Magna Cum Laude)
–sideline reporter for the NFL from 2000 to 2003 (she replaced powerhouse Lesley Visser)

Why do we love Melissa Stark? Because she’s not just on the sideline being a tall, blonde bombshell. She’s on the sideline showing off her knowledge, getting the tricky live interview and avoiding getting knocked down by crazed football players. “There will always be men out there who will be uncomfortable listening to sports reported by women.” -Melissa Stark. Melissa, the Ladies… salute you.

Bonnie Berstein

–graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Broadcast Journalism from Maryland
–four-time Academic All-American in Gymnastics
–on July 27th, 2006 she filled-in for Jim Rome on “Rome is Burning” and it was 1000 times better than usual. They did not call it “Bonnie is Berning,” which is too bad.

Why do we love Bonnie Bernstein? Because she is not just another pretty-faced sideline report. She does features, she does play-by-plays, she does telecasts and she has covered 5 Super Bowls. She also is helping to develop Velvet Hammer Media, a company that helps journalists advance their careers. Bonnie, the Ladies… salute you.

14 thoughts on “Would You….Listen to What She’s Saying Part II: Melissa Stark and Bonnie Bernstein

  1. There was a time when it was easier to think of Bernstein as just one of the guys, especially when she first started out on ESPN. Then that era of the “really hot” sportscasters happened on Fox, (Lauren Sanchez, Jillian Barberie (sp?), and Lisa Guerrero (sp?)), and suddenly other networks started to “sexy up” their female reporters, including Bernstein.

    (I still like her though.)

  2. I’m going to vote for Melissa. A double major? damn… women that are pretty AND smart bamboozle my ass.

    And getting those live interviews can’t be easy for any of the sideline peeps, especially when the coaches are losing etc.

  3. I think your opinion of Melissa Stark would change drastically if you knew about her exploits @ UVA while I was there. Let’s just say she was VERY friendly with the Lacrosse team.

  4. Bonnie Bernstein seems really cool, but I can’t shake myself of a nagging suspicion that she “kisses up, kicks down” when the cameras are off. Still though, odd noses are fun. Straight and small is so 2000. Or something like that.

  5. I wouldn’t kick either of them out of bed for eating crackers. I think it’s a shame they’re both seeded behind Pam Oliver. They’re both hotter than her, in my opinion. My FF in this tourney would be Erin, Melissa, Bonnie and Stacey, but that’s just my own taste.

  6. I’ve been on Melissa Stark’s garter since seeing her on ESPN’s NBA Playoff coverage when I was a freshman in college (so, spring ’99). I vote for her, then.

    … Also, how did the Ladies… not know the provenance of DSL before now? I first heard the expression in mid or late ’98, & I’m usually behind the curve on that sort of thing. Now, come on… Someone’s fibbing.

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