The West – Was I so drunk I cheered for Duke?

This is why I am not a sports reporter.  It is just too much fun to toss back too many drinks, share some fried snacks, and yell at multiple TVs. (Although I guess for some guy it is considered “reporting”.) I know I watched a lot of basketball, I just don’t quite remember all of it.  

I do know that I was so worried about my bracket that I actually yelled “Laettner shot!” as Duke tried to tie their game against VCU in the final second, thus proving drinking really does impair one’s judgement skills.   Congrats to VCU on their major upset and CAA for turning into the league to talk about come tourney time.

  • Pitt looked like they woke after the end of season slump and handily beat Wright State by 21 points.
  • In they might have been high news– 10 seed Gonzaga lost to 7 seed Indiana.
  • My boys at Weber State lost to UCLA in a 70-42 blow-out, which was beyond painful to watch.  Don’t worry, you’re still the hottest, Juan Pablo.  

14 thoughts on “The West – Was I so drunk I cheered for Duke?

  1. Well, I wish I HAD been drunk. God, could Duke have shit the bed any more? Gah. I’m just glad this season’s over.

    My Illini and my Salukis play today, so it’s all good. I guess. The sword of “How much are the Devils going to lose by?” is no longer hanging over my head.

  2. Yeah, TSW, that mismatch between Midwest and East brackets is weird. But yesterday I got off easy, tonight I’ll have 6 games to write about. : ) And the two that are broadcast in South Bend are actually from the Midwest Region, so I lucked out.

  3. honestly, yesterday was utterly disappointing.. not only were there barely any upsets, but those that were…well, not incredibly exciting to say the least (xavier (my pick) exempted). u were probably better off drunk, TSW. i think i might just do that myself..while at work.

    furthermore..i am lamenting the loss of my new friend, help all ye faithful cope with the loss of such a hottie for the rest of the tournament i present you with this:

    let the panty wetting begin!

  4. Holy crap. That man has AMAZING bone structure. Someone get him into modeling, ASAP!

    I just found my bracket which I had with me at the bar, and I have all these random notes on it. Apparently, I found it facinating that the guy at the table next to us was Sparty at MSU in college.

    The notes are along the lines of – Once got into a fight with the Louisville mascot – the Louisville guy ended it by dumping a box of pom-poms on his head. Something about cheerleaders, and that the job got him “0 tail”. (Which was odd, because he was hot.) Costume did have a smell to it.

    There is more, but I cannot read what I wrote.

  5. dont worry ladies, ive got more from where that came from…yes, im a bona fide stalker and asked him to be my facebook friend..he accepted last night after that terrible loss and NOW i have access to his pictures etc…i think it might be illegal to post those private ones tho…UNLESS we get permission claiming that it’s for some basketball associated purpose…as i told TSW, i could try to get some ‘dialogue’ goin with english AND his native tongue…

    mmm JP’s tongue…

  6. I hereby mandate that all men heretofore be named “Juan Pablo” or “Gael Bernal” or “Yao” (the latter because it’s just fun to say– think of all the unnecessary name-remembering during random hook-ups if all guys are named “Yao”).

    Thereby, we people of standard names will no longer feel inferiority to our brethren to the South/East/West. (Canada doesn’t count, because every guy there is named “Bob” anyways.)

    Let it be done.

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