Midwest: No Chalky Aftertaste for Winthrop

6 games in the Midwest Region today, so here are the highlights:

UNLV holds off GTech. At one point the Rebels had a 14 pt lead, but only squeaked out the win by 4.
Winthrop takes down Notre Dame, winning their first NCAA game ever. ND tried to make it a game, going on a 20-3 run at one point, but couldn’t finish down the stretch.
Wisconsin goes down by 18 (18!!!) in the first half and comes back to win by 13. That’s a 31-pt swing, which is pretty ridiculous. Texas A&M-CC gets voted back on the island. The tenacious little Badgers and my Hottie Tourney pick Michael Flowers move on to face UNLV in the second round. Look, he’s so cute —->
Oregon survives a scare from 14-seed Miami (OH), and takes their John Deere uniforms to face the larger-than-life Eagles of Winthrop next round.
Purdue and Arizona seesawed for awhile, just like a good 8-9 matchup should. Purdue’s freshman guard and freshman HOTTIE Chris Kramer had 16 <—- pts that included a clutch shot with 2 seconds left on the shot clock that he made from his knees. Indeed.
–At halftime, Florida only had a 5-point lead on Jackson St. They then remembered they are Florida and got out the beatin’ stick.

2 thoughts on “Midwest: No Chalky Aftertaste for Winthrop

  1. UNLV to the Final Four. Mark it.

    They aren’t quite Geo. Mason, either, I know, not with the legacy of Tark — oh, sweet, sweet towel-biter — but the Mountain West isn’t supposed to be in Atlanta, you know.

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