Look Away, Look Away, Look Away, Dixieland

Our South Region Correspondent has become stranded somewhere down that there way and we wish her a speedy return home. Also, if you hear the opening strains of “Dueling Banjoes,” J-money, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!

The first two days in the South region saw all the higher seeds win except 9-seed Xavier. We saw the first OT of the tourney with Creighton/Nevada but Dane Watts’ 220 lbs of HOTNESS could not contain Nevada’s Wolfpack. We also saw Tennessee pour in, at last count, ELEVENTY THOUSAND points. Besides Xavier, Nevada and Tennessee, the round of 32 will also include Ohio State, Virginia, Louisville, Texas A&M and Memphis out of the South.

7 thoughts on “Look Away, Look Away, Look Away, Dixieland

  1. ROCKY TOP!!!

    (Very real question for a second: Can we possibly pull that kind of tempo off for several games in a row in such a short span? Once the adrenaline and moonshine wears off, I don’t think I’ll be the only nervous Vawl.)

  2. I think Tenn/Virginia will be quite the showdown. The biggest displace of hillbillery west of the Appalachians. For real, I think it’ll be a great game. GO VOLS!

  3. I have Tenn over UVA in that game, so they better damn well win.

    I was emailing with J-Money… by the route she told me she was taking and the time, she should be in Georgia about now. Let’s hope if she gets pulled over, she gets the early 80’s Mark Hamill as her trooper.

  4. My greatest fears have been realized. Two entirely different shades of orange will fill the stands for that second-round UVA/Tenn matchup. I may turn of the HDTV for that one.

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