East Teams: Loving The Taste of Chalk

Jerel McNeilSix out of the eight games in the regional was played Thursday and all the higher seeds won. Except 9-seed Marquette who lost to 8-seed Michigan State. And let’s be honest, there is no way in hell that’s an upset. Too bad we won’t be seeing Jerel McNeal anymore this season. Stupid opposable thumbs and their injuries. Anyhoo, here are how the six games broke down yesterday:

  • Carolina was given a scare by Eastern Kentucky in the second half when the Colonels pulled within four points, but the Tar Heels pulled away after that eventually winning by 21.
  • Marquette never got in to the game.
  • Boston College let Texas Tech hang around way too much in this game, but in the end they finally took over.
  • Georgetown, Washington State, and Vanderbilt showed Belmont, Oral Roberts, and George Washington exactly how the big boys roll.

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