PAC-10 Hangover – The Biggest Loser Edition

Thank you Oregon.  Thank you Cal.  As a non-native Angeleno, there is nothing I enjoy more than seeing both UCLA and USC fail.   And fail they did.    

Thank you Bryce Taylor, (who I had picked on my All-Hottie PAC-10 team), for dominating yesterday’s title game.    Seriously?  11 for 11 from the field,  7  for 7  in three-point range, and perfect foul point shooting?  That giant “O” on your uni must be for “OMG! Hot and talented!” 

And even though this should be Oregon’s glory time, the real story is how other teams came up short.

Which was the bigger failure?  UCLA, who somehow is still being talked about for a #1 seed despite loosing to an inspired Cal team who is not even going to the NCAA tourney early on?    Or USC, who only was able to make up some of their 39 point deficit in the finals when Oregon started to sit their best players down with seven minutes left to go?   

Other than seeding, not much is going to change going into today’s selection show.  Oregon, Arizona,  UCLA, USC, and Washington State should be locks for the Big Dance.  Stanford needed to make a better case for a NCAA tourney invite than quarter-final loss to USC, so I think their time as a bubble team is done. 

So congratulations to Bryce Taylor.  You are now the PAC-10 Hottie MVP, and it isn’t just for your looks.  Your ball handling skills seem to be pretty sweet too.  

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