Big East Conference Hangover-Georgetown Is The Poo

Bring It OnSo everybody should just take a big wiff.

(I am so sorry for the Bring It On reference.)

This is hard for me to say. I’m an ACC girl. I will, until my last breath, always proclaim that the ACC is the best college basketball conference hands down. But goddamn is Georgetown good. Very good. Scary good. And Pitt? Well, at least they made the finals. That’s special for them.

Pitt sucked hard last night. End of story. They shot an earth-shattering 26.2% from the field. And their star, Aaron Gray? Also sucked hard last night with three whole points. Total. Georgetown shot over 50% and won the game by 23 points. And let’s be honest-minus a early deficit to Notre Dame, the Hoyas dominated the conference tournament. There really isn’t anything more to say than that. Seriously, what more am I to say?

Georgetown, you are the balls of the Big East. Now please don’t crap your pants in the tournament and make me regret giving you your due.

All-Big East Hottie MVP

Patrick Ewing

Patrick Ewing 6’8”, 230 lbs.

4 thoughts on “Big East Conference Hangover-Georgetown Is The Poo

  1. That Pitt game was making me so mad last night. (And the only thing that made it better was the shots of Brandon Knight on the sidelines in a suit.) I swear that Pitt is Jekyl and Hyde thing going, because I never know which team I am going to see.

    And the officiating blew.

  2. ND is better than I thought Andie. They impressed me Friday.

    I was looking forward to that game last night and Pitt screwed me over. Damn Pitt.

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