I Was There: Mets vs. Astros spring training game

I never realize exactly how much I miss baseball till I watch my first game in the spring. I missed the smell of the fresh cut grass, the hub of the crowd, the blue skies, the sun on my skin, and of course, the crack of the bat and the thud sound the ball makes when it hits the glove.

Oh, and the cute guys wearing tight pants!  Join me after the jump, for all the Spring Training goodness.  

Unfortunately, two of my favorite guys weren’t there; David Wright and Jose Reyes didn’t play. Boo. But Carlos Beltran did! And I was sitting a few feet from him. Yum.

So he wasn’t there, big deal.  That doesn’t mean I can’t share
my totally cute picture of Reyes. 

Anyway, Mets won, 7-2.  But I’m not going to go over the game, because it’s a Spring Training game, and who the hell cares actually wants a blow-by-blow of a Spring Training game?


Here’s my view.  I was in the second row – sweet
seats, huh?


I was also right next to the Mets dugout.  Prime cheering location.  I never realized so many Mets fans lived in this area.  The stadium was packed with them.  And you could always hear a “Let’s go, Mets!” chant buzzing around the crowd.  Okay, the stadium only seats about 5000, so I also heard the one Yankee fan scream “Let’s go, Yankees!”, but still.  We were loud.

Unfortunately, none of the Mets hotties gave notice to lil
old me, and my camera.

If I don’t turn around, they won’t bother me
for autographs.

Seeing Willie so up close was a bit of a thrill.  Sure, the man still has to win a championship, but I like what he’s done so far.  

Methinks Lo Duca’s been enjoying
all the Spring Breakers.  Or are they
too old for him?

Here’s Lo Duca before his first at-bat.  Now, I’m one of those Ladies… who thinks Lo Duca is hot.  Alas, I’m 10 years older than his target age.  Also, the couple sitting in front of me had their pretty, teenage daughter sitting right there, in her cute, little mini, and Mets tank top.  Don’t her parents know about Lo Duca’s fondness for nubile, young flesh?  Why not just sacrifice her at the altar of Lo Duca already?!

Those pants are way too loose, Mister.  We demand

to see your sweet ass.

I was practically staring daggers at Beltran, willing him to turn around, so I could get a good look.  No dice.  He was more interested in the ball game.  Please.  And for all of you who are going to ask me if he swung, yes, he did. He went 0-2 with a walk. He ground out into a double play, and I believe he also flied out.  I would’ve preferred a home run, but baby steps, people, baby steps.  He’s at least swinging now. 

Hey, kid, have Lo Duca show you
where all the girls your age hang out.


This kid, Hunter Pence, has been tearing it up in Spring Training for the Astros.  That day, he went 2-2, with a 3B.  So far, he’s batting a  redonkulous .722.  If I weren’t so lazy, I’d look his for slugging %, which must be off the charts as well, since every other hit seems to be for extra bases.  I hate him already.

Looky, another guy for Lo Duca to show around. 
Do you think Lo Duca shares the teen hot-spots with
the younger guys on the team, or is he a selfish bitch?

This is Mike Carp.  He’s not hot.  And he definitely pales inc omparison to the man whose position he was playing today: Carlos Delgado.  But he got 5 RBI.  So he gets his own picture in my post. 

She’s clearly pondering how it’s possible for Beltran
to be that good looking.  Just because she’s only 2
doesn’t mean she isn’t susceptible to his charms.

All in all, I had a great day at the ballpark.  Parking was only $5, the hot dog I had was delicious, and it was 75 degrees.  What more can you ask for?

 Oh, yeah, cute guys.

This is the bat boy.  And he was HOT.  I know this is a bad picture, but work with me, people.  I couldn’t very well go up to the batboy, and ask to take his picture.  Although I definitely should’ve asked for his number…

11 thoughts on “I Was There: Mets vs. Astros spring training game

  1. We demand to see your sweet ass.

    Yes, yes we do.

    MC, aren’t batboys under 18?

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go find those pictures of Wright and Reyes Will posted on Deadspin a few months back.

  2. Thanks, LA! She totally charmed everyone sitting around us. She would yell out “Go Mets” at the oddest moments. Cute and funny.

    SA: he might’ve been under 18, but he was very hot. I might just have to go back to Osceola Stadium and scope him out some more.

  3. metschick: love seeing pics of people’s kids. and by the way, if guys can mack on girls under 18, why can’t we? keep up the good work. believe me – as I know from experience – that this is more important than the bar exam to future success and happiness in life.

  4. also – part of my birthday gift today was my husband introducing me to this site, instead of deadpsin, deadon, WL, and KSK – THANKS TO ALL.

  5. Even though I’m a Yankee fan, I enjoy hot baseball men on all teams. That is an adorable pic of Reyes. Keep up the good work – this is my new favorite website!

  6. Wow, baby Metschick is one cute little nina.
    You are so lucky to be where you are right now.
    I can’t wait for baseball.

  7. JebusHChrist and Metschick: you are so lucky to be where you are. Metschcik – your baby is adorble – and I can say that after having four!

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