Hottie Hit & Run: MLB Edition

The Angels’ Howie Kendrick might be a hell of a prospect, but he didn’t even know who Rudy Giuliani was. C’mon, Howie, dumb boys aren’t hot. [Did Howie see any coverage of 9/11?]

Barry Zito claims that he will boycott the media if he doesn’t like their treatment of Barry Bonds. Oh, Barry, get over yourself. No one cares what you think. [Barry being Barry]

Who’s going to pick out some goggles for Pat Burrell? His contact lenses are bothering the shit out of him. [Maybe Burrell should try some Accuvue]

Go celebrate, Rich Hill, you’re in the rotation! Just remember, there’s no sex in the champagne room. [Rich, you also have to remember that you pitch for the Cubs, so is it really that big a deal?] (Just kidding, Cubbie fans!)

Ladies… favorite Cole Hamels had a rough day yesterday, pitching 2 innings, and surrendering 4 ER and 4 walks. Yikes. Will any Lady volunteer to cheer up Cole? [Maybe Cole would like a nice back rub]

The Yankees have offered to pay for all the funeral arrangements of the nine ten victims killed in a Bronx blaze on Wednesday, and for travel arrangements for family from Mali. That’s fucking awesome of them. Maybe Steinbrenner isn’t spawn of Satan after all. [Just for today, I love the Yankees]

One thought on “Hottie Hit & Run: MLB Edition

  1. That’s a great tidbit about Steinbrenner, I hadn’t heard anything about it. It’s a little dusty in the Ladies… office.

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