West Coast Conference HangovYAAAAAAWN

dreamland.jpegWhat’s that? The WCC Tournament ended on Monday? Pardon me…I must have dozed off. The top two teams, both with double byes, played for the championship and the higher-seeded team won? Criminy, I really need to invest in a Tivo setup.

Now, do you really want to see my rearranging and rehashing of the many fine wire stories covering the West Coast Conference Championship? Or would you rather read one story actually written by a journalist and then look at pictures of yawning animals?

Thought so.

First Round:





San Diego 95
Pepperdine 82




Portland 55
Loyola Marymount 41







San Diego 77
San Francisco 75




Saint Mary’s 87
Portland 47







Santa Clara 63
Saint Mary’s 47







Gonzaga 77
Santa Clara 68



Wasn’t that fun?



Pierre Marie Altidor-Cespedes of Gonzaga walks away with All-Hott Team MVP honors and a starting spot on the All-Name Team. Salut.

8 thoughts on “West Coast Conference HangovYAAAAAAWN

  1. How does he get a French first name & a Spanish surname? What gives?

    Pedro Maria Altidor Cespedes, I could see, or Pierre-Marie (insert French for “altidor cespedes”), but the combo leaves me nonplussed. & feeling like I’m reading those Aruban front-pages from the days when Natalee Holloway had first gone missing. “A little Spench, some Dutch, a pinch of Portuguese, English to taste… Yeah, sounds legible”.

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