Hottie Hit & Run

* Javier Vasquez signs a 3 year/$34.5 million extension with the White Sox; the ladies of Chicago swoon.  [Sox’s GM doing some cash talking with Vazquez]

* Meanwhile, on the other side of Chicago (not really, they’re still in Spring Training!), Mark Prior has been moved to the bullpen for his next outing.  It’s always sad to see a hottie made of glass. [Prior gets relief role in Cubs’ Saturday game]

 * David Eckstein may be short, but he’s got a huge … sense of humor! [Lowell Spinners will hold David Eckstein Step Stool Giveaway Night]

 * NASCAR hottie Juan Pablo Montoya’s move was legal, say NASCAR officials.  I say, he can bump me anytime he wants. [Juan Pablo Montoya did not merge into the field illegally as several competitors insisted]

 * Jon Lester beats cancer.  Who wants to bet this hottie does super-human things on the field this year? [Lester feels normal in first game after cancer treatments]

Hells yeah, I beat cancer!

15 thoughts on “Hottie Hit & Run

  1. Quin Snyder. Would you?

    Anytime, anywhere, twice on Sundays. Ask Shan, she’ll tell you.

    Ooh, I like the ruddy cheeks on that Jon Lester. Maybe he and Cole could have a rosy-cheeked pitchers’ duel…FOR MY LOVE.

  2. Oh, without a doubt. He’s a little Gregory Peck, a little Richard Burton, a little Rock Hudson (shh).

    Anyway, yes. YES.

  3. Absolutely on Quin Snyder. I fucking hate Mizzou, but I would do bad things to him while grabbing his awesome hair.

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