Colonial Athletic Association Hangover

After the boring ass-beating of the A-Sun Conference championship, I was feeling empty. My March Madness experience was lacking, I wondered if I’d ever find excitement again. I was feeling sad and blue- but Virginia Commonwealth made me feel shiny and new… VCU and George Mason (George Mason?!?! what is this- 2006?) stepped up in a big way, delivering a thrilling championship game and making bubble teams across the land faint away dead from the stress. I love you, CAA. Will you marry me?

I got drunk and married CAA in Vegas! Errr, Richmond, VA!

See the complete wedding album, and all the dirt, after the jump…

So VCU’s #1 seed held up against some pretty stiff competition in George Mason, who rocketed into the tourney from the #6 seed, surprising basically everyone and giving sportswriters everywhere the license to write variations on the Cinderella theme from last year. The ESPN crew broadcasting the game were particularly fond of that motif, and we heard approximately five kajillion references to Cinderella, her carriage, her horses, her glass slipper and/or the pumpkin. Too bad Mason folded in the stretch, allowing VCU to complete its dream season and head to the Big Dance. The only question now is: will Old Dominion or Drexel join them?

Rather than tell you all the gory details about the Tourney championship game, I thought I’d just show you. Here’s the whole kit and caboodle, in pictures:

Welcome to Richmond- and here’s your mandatory stupid fans shot!

Hello, Coach Grant. You are HOT.
Even more hot: you’re a 1st year coach & CAA Coach of the Year.
Also, nice tie.

We saw VCU stupid fans, now it’s Mason’s turn.
Coach does have a nice tie. He is, however, decidedly not hot.

Mason player Darryl Monroe can’t keep his hands out of his pants.
Maybe the VCU-heavy crowd has him worked up.

It’s time for… bananaman.
He could be the key to VCU’s success tonight.

VCU goes to work.

I wonder… who should I root for here? The perennial underdog-turned favorite VCU, or the Cinderella (gag) story Mason. Whenever I don’t have a dog in the fight, I always make this decision by asking myself one question– Is there any possible way either of these teams winning could somehow hurt a team I hate? (namely, A&M or OU) In this instance, that doesn’t appear to be the case- A&M’s definitely in the Big Dance, OU is definitely out. So, I guess I’ll be Switzerland.

Mason AD Tom O’Connor is on the NCAA selection committee.
He also has a nice tie.
What is it with all these guys and their ties?

Special mention to Mason’s Jordan Carter:
Most perfect afro in all of college basketball.

Touching story break!
VCU’s Roland lived in the locker room in JC.
No, really- he had no money, and literally lived there.

Wow, that girl loves to blow a big horn.

VCU fans get creative with the signage.
Bananaman makes another appearance.
And is that a CHICKEN???
Why are they hoisting chains in the air?
The CAA is crazy confusing.

Hello, Jesse Pellot-Rosa.
You are hot. The yummy kind.

Hello, Eric Maynor.
You are hot. The MVP kind.
Your skillz are best summed up by the inimitable Torbush:

Please oh please oh please oh please

Whee! Dorky VCU fans go crazy!

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9 thoughts on “Colonial Athletic Association Hangover

  1. As long as they play in Richmond Coliseum, VCU should be a mandatory for the championship game. They only showed the dorky fans on tv, but trust me, there are some extremely menacing thugs in the VCU rooting section, and they give the game an extra edge.

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  3. Hey, new to this blog, nice site….

    As a Mason seventh-year senior I’d like to say that if I was a gay man, I’d like to have Coach Larranga’a babies… Well, I guess I’d have to be a gay man with a womb and the ability to give birth, but you get the idea.

    And as extrapolater pointed out, don’t let the nerds fool you, VCU is straight gangster… in a bad way, not a cool T.I. sort of way.

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