Southern Conference Hangover

SoCon logoAh, the SoCon Tournament. Once again another conference tournament went pretty much chalk. And the number one seed, Davidson won. Big shocker. C of C got to the championship game with the home-town crowd and Davidson got there because they’re a good team. I went to this game Saturday, well the first half of the game anyway, and I must say that although it was a two-point game at halftime, I was pretty bored. And this is nothing against the Southern Conference. It just wasn’t that exciting of a game to me. I would have pictures for you. But me and my camera didn’t get along, particularly the part where it decided to jump out of my hand while walking to the entrance, breaking into a bunch of little pieces. Fuck you Sony Cyber-shot that I got for Christmas.

I got there with about 17 minutes left in the first half, so I missed the opening tip. The first thing I noticed (after the basketball players) were the Davidson crowd. They brought a good bit of people with them to Charleston. About half of the North Charleston Coliseum were for Davidson, but I guess they expected to be in the final game. Some of the Davidson guys in the stands were shirtless and very nice to look at during the timeouts. They were more entertaining than the cheerleaders. And I have nothing against cheerleaders, it’s just that the ones from Davidson and C of C suck. That’s all.

The game was pretty much back and forth during that first half. C of C would go up by 5 and then Davidson would come back from the deficit and lead by five. And then C of C would come back and take the lead. By the end of the first 20 minutes Davidson was up by two. It was 37-35 when I left. Stephen Curry had 29 points in the game, scoring 15 in the first half and hitting two 3’s to tie the game with five minutes left in the game that help Davidson win the SoCon tourny. This is the second straight win and automatic bid, and more than likely will be the only ones from the SoCon going to the NCAA’s. Curry was the MVP of the All-Tournament team, joined by Jason Richards (Davidson), Donte Minter (Appalachian State), Jermaine Johnson (College of Charleston), and Dontaye Draper (College of Charleston).

He made the All-Tournament team and was a member of the All-SoCon Hot Team. Jason Richards, our All-SoCon Hot Team MVP.

Jason Richards

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