NHL Hotties – Atlantic Division All-Stars

Our occasional series spotlighting the most delicious of the NHL’s hotties continues as we admire the Atlantic Division.

Join Clare as she rhapsodizes about crooked noses, broken teeth and shiners.

Antero Goalie: Antero Niittymäki, Philadelphia Flyers.
Look at that face. That “I’ve got a secret” face. That cute face belies a ferocious bad ass between the posts with a career .899 save percentage. In his debut NHL season with the Flyers, he notched an outrageous 1.00 GAA.  Also, he is Finnish, and the Finns love their saunas [insert towel-clad sauna fantasy of your choice here].
Bruiser! Right wing: Cam Janssen, New Jersey Devils.
Off the ice, he’s a huggable-looking kid with a doofy smile. On the ice, he’s a total bruiser, and he was (breaking news!) recently suspended for the punishing hit he put on Tomas Kaberle during the March 2 Devils-Leafs game.We’d hit it.
Geoff Left wing: Geoff Sanderson, Philadelphia Flyers.
He’s been knocking around the league since 1990, bouncing around the NHL from Hartford to Columbus and back, and now he’s plying his trade in Philly. Sanderson is also responsible for one of the best headlines to come up in a Google search: Injured threesome returns to practice. (You guys got room for a fourth?)
Desario? Defense: Daniel Girardi, New York Rangers.
Named to the 2005-06 All-Rookie Team, Girardi looks like Daniel Desario in a hockey sweater.  Yum.
Cairns Defense: Eric Cairns, Pittsburgh Penguins.
Eric Cairns has been on the IR with a bum knee for most of the 2006-07 season, but that doesn’t preclude him from being a big, studly 6’6″, 245-pound dude. Another bruiser, he’s racked up more than 1,100 penalty minutes during his NHL career and was suspended for three games last season for a huge fight during a game against Ottawa. Nothing like a guy who looks like won’t break if you hit it hard.
Center: Sidney Crosby, Pittsburgh Penguins.
Sidney Crosby, the Pens’ second-year hotness, makes us think impure thoughts. They’re particularly impure because he’s only 19. (That’s OK, though…we will just have to teach the young’un everything we know.) He leads the Pens in points, goals, assists, power-play goals, game-winning goals and shots. He’s mentored by the legendary Mario Lemieux, himself no slouch in the hotness department. And we love how he visits with kids at Childrens’ Hospital.

11 thoughts on “NHL Hotties – Atlantic Division All-Stars

  1. I feel like I’m pointing out the obvious but Jordan Staal. Easily the best looking of the three Stall brothers that are old enough to be drafted.

  2. Gotta admit to a “thing” for Rod the Bod Brind’Amour, center, Carolina Hurricanes. Bulldog cute.

    (nb: There really should be a rule that if a city’s ponds do not freeze over in winter, it should not be allowed to have an NHL team.)

  3. Unfortunate for the Atlantic that they lost the hottest of all in the Forsberg trade. But Niittymäki? My goodness. I love good-looking goalies.

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