Heads, I Hate Them. Tails, I Hate Them.

Corky Paulus

This has nothing to do with the text below but it makes me laugh.

I’ll be spending my entire day hoping that a pterodactyl screeches into the Dean Dome and scoops up the entire rosters of both #14 Duke and #8 UNC. And Coach K and Roy Williams, who seems to enjoy sharing the Ol’ Roy nickname with a brand of dog food sold exclusively at Wal-Mart.

Due to the fact that I wouldn’t cheer for Duke if they played Al Qaeda, (Give me an A!), I will reluctantly pull for Carolina and their mascot Tyler Hansbrough, who can’t be one of our hotties because hotties have to be capable of closing their mouths. It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that he eats a chipmunk and drinks a gallon of whole milk before each game.

Tipoff’s at 4:00. Watch yourself, Vitale. YOU CAN’T OUTHUSTLE A PTERODACTYL, BAYBEEE! NOBODY outhustles a Pterodactyl.

4 thoughts on “Heads, I Hate Them. Tails, I Hate Them.

  1. Reason #26753 I hate ESPN these days – At the start of this NCAA season they signed Dick Vitale to a contract extension through 2012-2013 season.

    Listening to him yesterday during the Pitt-Marquette game was PAINFUL.

  2. Vitale is not calling the game. Thank God.

    And here I was cheering for Wake yesterday vs. Virginia. Thanks a lot GS. It’s alright. I’ll be perfectly fine rooting Duke by myself today. Literally, I think I’ll be the only one hoping for a Duke win.

  3. I know, it’s Dickie V free today, but still. I’d just like to hear him say “pterodactyl”.

    Thanks for the Deac love… your cheers could’ve been what put ’em over the top yesterday in what was, sadly, the highlight of their season. Well, save for the big victory over Bucknell.

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