Atlantic Sun Conference Panty Raid

Atlantic Sun Conference, how do I love thee (or, more specifically, all your hotties)? Let me count the ways… here are five to start us off with below- the Hottie Team winners. This is why I love the South: more hotties per capita than anywhere else. Continued conference talk after the jump, but suffice it to say that East Tennessee State is overly blessed with talent and good looks- they are the only team to nab two Hottie Team slots, and they are also the frontrunners to win the conference and head to the Big Dance. Yeehaw!

Atlantic Sun Hotties

As noted above, East Tennessee St. is the team to beat in the 2007 General Shale Brick Atlantic Sun Championship, which they are hosting and are the featured #1 seed. Get that tourney name right, folks- the Atlantic Sun Conference has hit the big time with a marquee sponsor like General Shale Brick, whose impressive might is displayed by taking over the tourney logo (heck, the sponsor’s name is larger than the conference’s own name).

General Shale Brick: we’re in ur confrens, eatin ur logoz

The party pooper for ETSU could likely come in the form of the Belmont Bruins- last year’s conference champion, who made it to the Big Dance of ’06 (and were soundly trounced by The Other Bruins). Belmont has a secret weapon- they have apparently harnessed the power of Stuart “Lemme Know” Scott, and have memorialized this in their logo. And where Stu and the wonky eye goes, victory surely follows.

Other tidbits about the Atlantic Sun Conference:

* Coolest mascot ever? The Stetson Hatters. Naming your school mascot for headgear takes guts. Second place honors go to the Fighting Camels of Campbell. The Ospreys of North Florida would have been in the running, but they’re still transitioning up to Division I.

* Belmont gets bonus points for featuring a picture of Vince Young in their media guide.

* I’ve often wished for something that would combine the two great loves of my life: bad soft rock on acoustic guitar and Lipscomb basketball. Now I have my wish:

* The conference was originally called the “Trans America Athletic Conference”, up until June 2001. Tim Hardaway does not approve of that name.

* East Tennessee star Courtney Pigram is not only one of our All-Conference Hotties- he was also named the A-Sun Player of the Year yesterday. So, he’s hot and he’s talented… ladies?

* Mercer alum Nancy Grace and Lipscomb alum Pat Boone… who would win in a fight?

A-Sun conference play kicks off today at 1 p.m. Eastern, and you can catch the championship game on ESPN2, March 3rd at 4:00 pm Eastern. ETSU is also offering live streaming webcasts of all tourney games- $4.99 for 24 hours (link).

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4 thoughts on “Atlantic Sun Conference Panty Raid

  1. I really like the pics up front format. Way better.
    By the way, at what point are these guys too young for me to be ogling them? Or I guess, at what point am I too old to be ogling them?

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