Where ACC is Pronounced “Ack”.

Shitty Game 2

We can’t all be winners. Just ask Roger Federer’s opponents, Peter O’Toole, or France. So for those of you loser-lovers uninterested in Texas A&M-Texas Texas-Texas A&M (per the Longhorns faithful), Maryland-Duke, or the TCT Praise-A-Thon, I would encourage you to turn your attention to tonight’s stellar Wake Forest-NC State matchup. Both teams are an embarrassing 4-10 in conference play, so this is a game that promises to feature blood, sweat, and more turnovers than a Romanian gymnastics meet. Tipoff’s at 9:00, tears by 9:08.

UPDATE: NC State wins, 73-66.  Don’t worry, Wake.  Tom Petty says that even the losers get lucky sometimes.  Although with a 33% shooting percentage, the Ladies…aren’t sure you could hit our, um, baskets either.

3 thoughts on “Where ACC is Pronounced “Ack”.

  1. Two things: it’s Texas A&M (not Tech – although I confess seeing those two mixed up made me blissfully happy, ’cause I know it happens a lot, and I also know the Aggies hate that), and two- always, always put Texas first. “Texas-Texas A&M”

    OK, I lied, 3 things- hilarious!

  2. I am so glad another great sports blog is on wordpress. Most of Deadspin’s links are blogspot, and my firewall at work blocks blogspot. How the hell am I supposed to goof off, dammit?!

    Welcome – a most positive debut!

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