The Men of Friday Night Lights (and Matt Saracen)

Not only is Friday Night Lights one of the best shows on television, it’s also about football. So tonight we celebrate the boys in Panther blue. Like what you see? There’s plenty more where this came from after the jump, and at 8:00 (7:00 Central) on NBC.

5. Matt Saracen (Zach Gilford). This picture makes him look like a young Clancy Brown, which is better than he has any right to look. Honestly, Saracen doesn’t belong on any top five list of mine, but at least one other Lady would have my head on a pike if I left him out. Sorry, QB1, but your corn-pone-remedial-math ways just don’t do it for me.

4. Smash Williams (Gaius Charles). Fast runner, smooth talker, consummate ladies’ man. Smash’s charisma and sweet smile are enough to make a girl want to bring him home to Momma…but is he off the juice for good?

3. Jason Street (Scott Porter). Dillon’s favorite son was paralyzed from the waist down in the pilot, but his guns are still turning heads on the quad rugby scene.

(tie) 1. Coach Taylor (Kyle Chandler). What is it about a man who can rock a bulletproof vest? Is Coach as cute as blowed-up Dylan on Grey’s Anatomy? Maybe not, but he appears to be the only male character on the show who possesses the capacity for abstract thought, and that has to count for something.

(tie) 1. Tim Riggins (Taylor Kitsch). Oh, Riggins…wait. Let me rephrase. OH, RIGGINS. It’s biological truth that every girl will love a bad boy at least once in her life, and when that bad boy’s so hot he makes Lyla Garrity bearable to listen to? Well played, you unwashed, drunken snacktreat. Well played.

12 thoughts on “The Men of Friday Night Lights (and Matt Saracen)

  1. Look woman, Matt Saracen is so much hotter than your dumb-ass-alcoholic-get-a-haircut Tim Riggins. You wanna take this outside?

  2. You can take your Saracens and your Rigginses- I claim Coach Taylor… who may possibly be the hottest man in all of television. (but in the Saracen-Riggins battle, I’m firmly in the Saracen camp)

  3. You can’t have a tie. Personally I would go with Riggins because seeing Kyle Chadler out of context (and by context I mean the show Early Edition, you know the one with the cat and the newspaper) is just a little strange for me.

  4. Yeah baby! Hands down, my favorite show. Love me some Tim Riggins.

    I was never a huge Saracen fan until he told Julie he hadn’t washed his feet before (thinking he was going to have) sex because he was going to keep his socks on. LOL

  5. ‘Well played, you unwashed, drunken snacktreat. Well played.”

    HAHAHA! I hear you loud and clear on the hotassery of Tim Riggins. Coach T is hot, too, don’t get me wrong, but if I have to choose someone to fight you for to get making-out-in-the7-11-parking lot rights, it’s sure as hell gonna be Tim. Or, as he’s known in my house, “TIIIIIIMMMMMM!”

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