Sun Belt Conference Panty Raid

In the Sun Belt Conference this year, 6 of the 13 teams have records above .500, no team has fewer than 5 conference losses and no team has fewer than 7 conference wins. What’s that spell? B-A-L-A-N-C-E. The top team in the conference, South Alabama is the favorite to win the Sun Belt tournament and grab a #15 seed in the Big Dance, only to be ousted by Florida or Kansas in the first round. However, four 15-2 upsets have happened in the history of the tourney, so you never know…

I also don’t think South Alabama is a shoo-in to win the conference tournament. As I said, the conference is incredibly balanced, which means really any team could run the table. South Alabama is on a 3-game losing streak and Arkansas State (top team in the West Division) is on a 4-game winning streak, so watch them for the upset. The tournament starts tomorrow, Wednesday February 28th at various campus sites, with the top 3 teams in the conference (South Alabama, LA-Lafayette, and Western Kentucky) getting a bye in the first round. Weirdly, the second round games aren’t until Sunday March 4th, semis on Monday March 5th and finals on Tuesday March 6th. I’ll be back on Wednesday March 7th for a Sun Belt Wrap-up.

The following strapping young lads are the Sun Belt Conference All-Hottie Team. Also, Louisiana-Lafayette didn’t have any pictures with their roster, so I apologize to any hotties that are inadvertently left off the team.

Sanchez Hughley, G, Florida Atlantic, 6’4, 225, Seminole County, FL

Steve Wetrich, G, University of Denver, 5’11, 165, Ottumwa, IA

James Perkins, F, LA-Monroe, 6’3 170, New Orleans, LA

Courtney Lee, F, Western Kentucky, 6’5, 195, Indianapolis, IN

Asrangue Souleymane, C, University of New Orleans, 6’9, 220, Central African Republic. This guy gets the MVP award of the All-Hottie team because in addition to playing Center for the University of New Orleans, he is from the Central African Republic and speaks 6 languages fluently.

6 thoughts on “Sun Belt Conference Panty Raid

  1. Thanks guys! I think they’re all cute, but I want 6’9 Souleymane. He can whisper sweet nothings to me in six different languages and that is hot.

  2. They’re not “hottie-free” but I had to narrow it down to the 5 hottest. Perhaps they would be on the 2nd Team All-Conference or Honorable mentions.

  3. Figures.

    Stupid Jonesboro.

    I can only hope that Central Michigan can represent once you get to the MAC.

    or Arkansas when you hit the SEC.

    I have a rooting interest in far too many places.

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