The Ohio Valley Conference Panty Raid

How to sum up the Ohio Valley Conference? One good team, several okay teams (at least in conference), and a bunch of, well, suckey teams. Out of 11 teams, only 4 has an overall winning record. One team is exactly .500 overall. The rest? Well, they’re not so good. Austin Peay (16-4) is first in the conference, followed by Eastern Kentucky (13-7), Tennessee Tech (13-7), Murray State (13-7), and Samford (12-8). The other six teams have losing records both in conference and overall. Yeah, can we say mediocre?

I would like to say Austin Peay will win the conference tournament, but they have losses to Murray State, Tennessee Tech, and Morehead State (8-12). The post-season tourny starts at regional sites (the Top 4 seeds campuses), and then proceeds to Nashville for the semifinals and finals.

2006-2007 Ohio Valley Conference All-Hot Team

rose_mike.jpgMike Rose-G, Eastern Kentucky (Sophomore)
anthony-fisher.jpg Anthony Fisher-G, Tennessee Tech (Junior)
xavier-delph.jpeg Xavier Delph-G, Southeast Missouri St. (Freshmen)
daniel-ard.jpg Daniel Ard-F, Murray St. (Freshmen)
rashun-bryant.jpg RaShun Bryant-C, Tennessee Tech (Sophomore)

1 thought on “The Ohio Valley Conference Panty Raid

  1. My favorite is Anthony Fisher- nice selection.

    And how do you pronounce “Austin Peay” anyway? Seems like something I really should know.

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