Get out of his dreams, get into Chase Utley’s electric car

inconvenient chase

It’s a good day to be an environmentalist. Not only did Al Gore’s global warming PowerPoint presentation snoozefest call to arms An Inconvenient Truth win two Academy Awards for Best Documentary Feature and Best Original Song, but the luminaries of can add delicious Phillies second baseman Chase Utley to their ranks.

In an article on (third item), Utley talks about how An Inconvenient Truth made him aware of the realities of global warming.

“Until I saw the movie, I never paid attention to it,” Utley said. “It opened my eyes. We’re not heading in the right direction as far as helping the environment. I’m trying to find ways to help, and trying to get people more aware. One person can’t change it. I just hope to educate people a little bit.”

Utley can’t resist a little dig at his teammates Aaron Rowand and Jon Leiber’s behemoths, either: “‘I don’t think we’re really on the same page,’ Utley said. ‘Maybe I’ll show them the movie.'”

Next on Utley’s Netflix queue: Ed Begley Jr.’s opus Who Killed the Electric Car?

8 thoughts on “Get out of his dreams, get into Chase Utley’s electric car

  1. “couldn’t he just put on roller skates and have Brett Myers punch him in the direction of his destination?”


    I still haven’t seen this movie, though it is on my Netflix queue. the funny thing is that the only thing is that compelling me to watch it is the feeling that I have to – like it’s homework or something.

  2. It took awhile, but Schilling’s departure from the Phillies has finally caused the team to hit bottom. I mean, a (possible) liberal in the clubhouse?

    Better drum his pinko ass out of there. Send him to the Giants or A’s, someplace where that mumbo-jumbo might go over (at least) a little better.

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