Today’s Top 25 Action

Alright, I’m back with a short preview of today’s action in the Top 25. I apologize that there are no Hottie Pics in this post. You’ll just have to watch the games for yourselves. I did want to get a short preview up this morning, however, if for no other reason than to see if I can keep a decent record going. Yesterday’s action brought me up to 22-8, so to see what’s in store today, follow me…

Headlining the action today is the #1-#2 match-up between Wisconsin and Ohio State, although the polls came out before Wisconsin’s beat-down at the hands of Michigan State the other night, so Wisconsin will probably drop a few notches next poll. Anyway, the game is at Ohio State, where the Buckeyes are perfect on the year and when the game was in Madison the plucky Badgers only won by 3, so I’m giving this one to tOSU.

Elsewhere, we have #20 Louisville taking on the surprisingly bad UConn Huskies. UConn is a perennial powerhouse of college hoops but this year they could not beat my grandma’s rec team. Louisville shouldn’t have any trouble with this one.

The Commodores (ALL NIGHT LONG…) of #17 Vanderbilt host the ferocious Kentucky Wildcats. These two teams are knotted at 8-5 in conference play, but Kentucky lost by 5 to Vandy when they were in Lextingon, so I’m giving the home team the win today. Go Commodores!

#18 TWSNBN travels up to New York to take on the…..Fightin’ Cab Drivers of St. John’s. St. John’s isn’t looking so hot this year and TWSNBN always seems to catch fire right around the end of February/beginning of March (always. Every year. It’s disgusting), so this one goes to Coach K and his boys, even though I do think the Red Storm is an awesome mascot choice.

Finally, the doing-way-better-than-I-knew-until-like-3-days-ago #7 Memphis Tigers are hosting Houston. Houston is in second place in Conference USA and if the game were in Houston, I’d consider picking the Cougars. However, in this epic Battle of the Pussies, the undefeated-in-conference-play Memphis Tigers are going to emerge victorious.

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