Today’s Top 25 Action

Well, Thursday night I managed to go 4-2, bringing my overall record to 18-7, so that’s not bad.  Even though I suppose picking match-ups that are generally ranked teams versus unranked teams isn’t really that taxing of my Carnac skills.  However, I shall forge ahead.  Today we have many, many Top 25 games, so I’m just covering the ones with teams ranked #16 and higher and trying not to repeat some of the teams I’ve done in the past couple days.  So, here we go…

In the big match-up of the day, #10 Pittsburgh travels to #12 Georgetown in a battle for sole possession of first place in the Big East.  I have previously covered the hotties (?) in this matchup and both schools are pretty much serfs in Hottieland.  Pitt has Levon Kendall and Gtown has Mark Surgalski and neither one is actually that hot.  However, the basketball matchup should prove great.  I honestly think I’ll give the edge to Georgetown but only because of home court advantage.  Should be the game of the day.

#16 Marquette travels to my ol’ Indiana home today to take on the Fightin’ Catholics of Notre Dame.  (hee hee, that actually works with “Fightin’ because we’re the Fightin’ Irish……hee hee).  Notre Dame has been in and out of the polls this year, mostly due to the Jekyll and Hyde persona that depends on whether they are home or away.  Since this is a home game, I’m going to give it to ND.  I’m also awarding the Hottie match-up to ND as well, because Marquettte has lone Wesley Matthews and Notre Dame has the 4 Hottie Horsemen of the Apocalypse in Tim Andree, Tory Jackson, Rob Kurz, and Jonathan Peoples.  (Also, I’ve seen these guys in real life and they are much cuter when smiling, so just trust me on this one.)  Go Irish, indeed.



After their great run in the Big Dance last year, the Tigers of LSU have really had a rough go of it in the SEC.  They are 3-9 and at the bottom of the West (and weaker) division.  They are taking on the #3 Florida Gators, who are tops in the East division and should dispense of the tigers rather handily.  However, Florida’s team is totally busted, looks-wise, so LSU can take solace in Tasmin Mitchell and Terry Martin.

The Fightin Brewins of #4 UCLA are playing host to the Fightin’ Drunk Trees of Stanford.  Stanford isn’t bad this year with a conference record of 9-6 and they also have handed UCLA one of only two conference losses.  UCLA, however, is undefeated at home and I think I’m going to give them the edge today.  Stanford fields a couple of cuties in Anthony Goods and Carlton Weatherby and UCLA has Russell Westbrook, who is just okay.

Finally, in Big 12 action today #6 Kansas takes on the Evil Cyclones of Iowa State.  Okay, they’re not evil, but they are the Other Team in Iowa, so blech.  However, they are stacked in the hottie department, with Rahshon Clark (below), Mark Currie, Dodie Dunson, Jessan Gray, Jiri Hubalek, and Dustin Streff.  Kansas isn’t too shabby either, with Brennan Bechard, Brandon Rush and Darnell Jackson, making this the Hottie Match-up of the Day.  In terms of basketball, however, Iowa State is not good this year and Kansas should easily take care of business.



4 thoughts on “Today’s Top 25 Action

  1. You shut your mouth, Andrea! My Panthers are going to steamroll Georgetown. And Levon Kendall might be a bit of a butterface, but his body is outrageous.

    Look for me on TV this afternoon: I’ll be the one in the Pitt Panthers t-shirt :)

  2. I think Pitt is #8. (Or least I hope so, because that what I kept saying yesterday to someone at work, being that it is the college BBall team I have any allegiance to since my alma mater is small potatoes.)

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