Know Your Ladies…

Favorite Sports

Clare: Baseball
Holly: To watch? Foobaw. To do? Snowboarding.
J-Money: Baseball
Lady Andrea: College football & basketball, baseball, the Olympics
Metschick: Baseball
SA: College football, college basketball
Texas Gal: College football, baseball
TheStarterWife: Football, hockey, basketball…baseball last, but they have the most hotties.

Favorite Flicks

Clare: Croupier, Zoolander, American Psycho, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
Holly: The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938), Notorious, Good Night, and Good Luck., Grinch Night, The Sandlot, Red Dawn, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead
J-Money: The Departed, Wayne’s World, Bull Durham, Waiting for Guffman
Lady Andrea: Jaws, Rope, Strangers on a Train, Fight Club, American Beauty, Pan’s Labyrinth, Clue, Back to the Future, Shag, Ghostbusters
Metschick: Shawshank Redemption, Finding Nemo, Bull Durham
SA: The Shawshank Redemption, Training Day, Eternal Sunshine, Titanic (yeah, I like it. what?), Carrie
Texas Gal: Top Gun, Clue, Dazed & Confused, Star Wars
TheStarterWife: Night On Earth, The Fountain, Alien, and about 1138 more films

Special Skills

Clare: Editing and proofreading, baking a pan of brownies from scratch without a recipe, acting as consultant and stylist when friends need fashion advice (what can I say, I have excellent taste)
Holly: I can put my foot over my head! And I have this tiny gap between my front teeth. You can’t really tell it’s there, but I can spit through it. Momma’s so proud. Oh, and the cherry-stem-knot thing.
J-Money: Shadow puppets, Photoshop (in case someone would like to hire me), sarcasm, and the confidence that I can beat most of the contestants on Teen Jeopardy. Physically, I mean. Last night’s winner looked weak.
Lady Andrea: Karaoke, dancing, tying a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue
Metschick: I can score a ballgame, and answer a sudoku puzzle in 5 minutes. Other than that, I have no skillz.
SA: Complaining, word searches, thinking up great ideas for stories yet failing to write them (well)
Texas Gal: All of them.
TheStarterWife: I have the memory of an elephant.

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