Tonight’s Top 25 Action: Tigers, Tigers, burning bright.

Kicking off the night is a Conference USA match-up between the #7 Memphis Tigers and Rice Owls (HOOT HOOT). I must confess, I had no idea Memphis was this good this year. I haven’t been following C-USA and I must not have ever noticed Memphis in the rankings. Their only losses on the year are at #9 Arizona and at home against #19 Georgia Tech and Tennessee. They are undefeated in C-USA play. I’m going to go out on a limb here and pick the Tigers over the Owls. In Hot-Tottie Action, Rice has a couple cuties in Cliff Ghoram and Greg Killings and Memphis represents with Willie Kemp, Pierre Niles and Clyde Wade (below). For more of tonight’s previews, follow me…..I am 14-5 in picking games…..


#18 Team Who Shall Not Be Named is taking on the Tigers of Clemson tonight. TWSNBN is 7-6 in their conference, yet somehow ranked #18…..strange. Clemson is 5-7 and decent at home, plus last time they gave TWSNBN a close game, losing by 2. I think I’ll pick the upset tonight, which is at least more fun to root for. Grudgingly, I give the Action Alert title to TWSNBN with Gerald Henderson and David McClure, but that’s only because I got nothin’ from Clemson. Seriously, Tigers, where the hotties at?

This is #15 Butler’s second appearance in 3 days in the Top 25 Action Report and the hotties have not changed. I did pick another one to show a picture of, however. Loyola of Chicago has a couple cuties in J.R. Blount and Majak Kou (below), but they just won’t be able to topple the Dream Team of Butler in Julian Betko, Elliot Engelmann, Grant Leiendecker, Brian Ligon, Nick Rodgers and assistant coach Brad Stevens (below, left). Also, Loyola are the Ramblers, but on their insignia is a wolf. A wolf better not be rambling off the wolves-only highway and end up eating my cat. In this match-up, I like Butler. It will probably not be that close.


#11 Nevada takes on the Fightin’ Potatoes of Idaho (I know this may anger some of the Idahoians, but I guarantee you that if Iowa is ever featured in one of these, I promise I will call us the Fightin’ Ears of Corn). Nevada should have no trouble with the men of Idaho, though Idaho does totally win the Hottie match-up. Nevada is not looking so good. Idaho does have Miles Webb and my new boyfriend Sebastien Taulbee (below). He’s 6’10, his name is Sebastien and I am on the next flight to Moscow (Idaho). Also, their mascot is the Vandals, which is pretty awesome. What do they vandalize out in Idaho? Zambonis parked at Burger King?


In the great state of California tonight we have the Bears of Cal visiting #4 UCLA. The last time these teams met, UCLA won by 16 and that was at Cal. Tonight should prove an even worse loss for the mighty bears. But they can take heart in the fact that they kick UCLA’s ass in the Hottie department with Omar Wilkes, Nican Robinson, Nicola Knezevic, and DeVon Hardin. UCLA has Russell Westbrook.

The last match-up of the night should prove the most interesting as #9 Washington State travels to take down the Fightin’ John Deere Colors of #23 Oregon. I think I’m going to take Oregon in the upset tonight. Oregon’s been on a bit of skid of late, losing their last 3 and 4 of their last 5, so they’re hungry for a win. Also, they beat WSU by 3 when they traveled to WSU in January. I’m also taking Oregon in the Action Alert match-up because WSU is busted. For real, both Nevada and Clemson had poor showings, but WSU makes Nevada and Clemson look like they are staffed with Tyson Beckfords. Oregon has 3 real cute guys with Bryce Taylor (below left), Maarty Leunen (below right) and Adam Zahn.


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