Tonight’s Top 25 Action

Tonight is chock-full of basketball and hotties, so let’s get rolling. In terms of hotness, the marquee match-up of the night is #25 Alabama at Tennessee. Between these two teams, I counted 9 hotties and in most of the Tennessee pictures, they are giving me the total sex eyes. In the game, Tennessee’s been decent at home this year and Alabama has been a hot-cold team, so I’m calling this one for the Volunteers. Let’s hope my record can improve after last night. Action Alert:  Alabama has a trio of cuties in Mikhail Torrance, Justin Tubbs, Brandon Hollinger (below) and Tennessee is overflowing with action with 6 guys to watch: Wayne Chism, Chris Lofton, Ramar Smith, Tony Passley (all giving the sex eyes), Quinn Cannington, and Ryan Childress.


Update:  Sorry this is so late, but I had to go to Ash Wednesday Mass and a soup dinner.  I did manage to sneak it under the wire, no games have tipped-off yet. 

In the Big East tonight, I think Louisville will take care of St. John’s without too much trouble. Louisville looks good this year and they are playing at home. In the Action Alert department, look out for Devin Mayor and Aaron Spears of St. John’s and Juan Palacios of Louisville.

Cincinnati, at 1-11, is the absolute bottom-feeder of the Big East and they are taking on 2nd place and 12th-ranked Georgetown. This could really be quite the massacre, even with Cincy being the home team. On the upside, the Bearcats do win the hottie contest with Connor Barwin, Branden Miller and Deonta Vaughn, while Georgetown looks a little thin with Mark Surgalski, who isn’t even that hot.

In the mid-major match-up of the night, #13 Southern Illinois, tops in the Missouri Valley Conference, is taking on the bottom of the conference in Indiana State. The Saluskis have been a strong team since Bruce Weber led them to a Sweet 16 trip in 2002. Look for the Salukis to stay on top tonight. Action Alert: also look for their 4 Fine fellas in Jordan Armstrong, Tyrone Green, CJ Smith, Jamaal Tatum (below). Indiana State has Russell Trudeau on their side, who is a very good-looking young man, but one man does not a hot team make.


The match-up between #24 Virginia and Miami would have been the marquee match-up of the night if Miami’s players weren’t all so busted. For real, it is frightening. Virginia more than compensates, however, in their 7 totally hot dudes plus one guy with hair the likes of which I have never seen before in my life. They are as follows: Damin Altizer, Calvin Baker, Andy Burns (red hair!), Will Harris, Ryan Pettinella, Sean Singletary, Solomon Tat and JR Reynolds (not pictured). Look for Virginia to come away with a victory tonight, as this is our third top-of-the-conference vs bottom-of-the-conference match-up.


In the poorest showing tonight, #17 Vanderbilt takes on Missisippi State. The Commodores (All Night Long…..) have Derrick Byars and Davis Nwankwo, but Mississippi State sadly has no one. Between Miss St, Miami and Florida, the southern states are not representing today. However, Miss St. is 6-6 and Vandy is only 8-4 and they are playing on the road, so I might give this one to Miss St.

#2 Ohio State takes on the fightin’ Nittany Lions of Penn State tonight. This should be a blood bath. Penn State is terrible this year, Ohio State is great, they are playing at home and nobody in the Big Ten can guard 45 yr old sasquatch Greg Oden worth a damn. However, PSU totally wins the hottie contest with Jamelle Cornley, Will Leiner (below), and Danny Morrissey. Ohio State has Mike Conley Jr., barely.


#3 Florida taking on South Carolina is our fourth top vs bottom of the conference match-up, yet again the bottom of the conference wins the hottie award. So, look for Florida to put the smack down and look for the Gamecocks to look pretty. I think we can conclude that good basketball players are just not good looking. South Carolina, however, is putting 4 hotties on the floor tonight with Dominique Archie, David Chambers, Devan Downey, and Tre’ Kelley.

Oklahoma State is hosting #8 Texas A&M tonight. On the surface, it looks like the Aggies dispense with the Cowboys no problem. However, Okie St. did give Texas one of the best games of the season, winning by 2 in Triple Overtime, so don’t count the Cowboys out. I’m not picking the upset tonight, though. A&M will eventually pull it off, spearheaded by the three hotties: Jerrod Johnson, Bryan Beasley, and Josh Johnston. OSU, strangely enough, only had one hottie and his bio describes his football stats. Adarius Bowman plays both sports for the university, which gets him double Hott Points.

#5 UNC looks to put a major smackdown on the Wolfpack of NC State tonight, in our 5th bottom vs top match-up. However, the Hotties are pretty evenly matched, with NC State’s Engin Atsur and Gavin Grant holding their own against UNC’s Marc Campbell and Alex Stepheson.

In the late West Coast match-up tonight, the Fightin’ Rams of Colorado State take on the Fightin’ Mormons of BYU. BYU is currently in first place atop the Mountain West conference and should have this game in hand early on. Colorado gets the Hotties of the Night award because of the awesomely cute pictures of Alton Robinson and Tyler Smith (below) and BYU has some Action Alerts in Austin Ainge, Jordan Cameron (wowza, below) and Keena Young.



5 thoughts on “Tonight’s Top 25 Action

  1. Ahhhh, you know what? The reason he is excluded is because his picture on the official site is not good. He looks really doofy and his hair is funny. That’s why this is such a land-mine laden post, because those official pics can be deceiving.

  2. I just wanted to point out that last night I went 10-1 in predicting the games, I even got two of the three upsets right. My game-picking mojo is back!

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