Knowing Your Hot Owners – Wyc Grousbeck, Boston Celtics

(First in a series highlighting some of the hotter pro-sports team owners.  There are some gems to be found among all those pasty old white men.  Don’t worry, Mark, we’ll get to you.)

What makes Wyc Grousbeck a hottie  –

Plays drums in a classic rock band, French Lick.

A degree in history from Princeton,  JD from Michigan Law School, and MBA from Stanford Business School.  Hot, hot, hot.  

  • Successful venture capitalist. 
  • Has a cute mole.
  • While an undergrad at Princeton, was on an undefeated lightweight men’s crew team. (I coxed an undefeated lightweight’s men team at the same level in my college days, and I can say with some authority that those guys are in amazing shape.  NO FAT!)
  • Active philanthropist.

The Wyc Grousbeck sizzle factor that got him on this list –

  • That his wife and her friends went into the Celtics locker roomafter a game to get autographs while the players were still changing.  HOT!  Rumor has it that one lady got her shoulder autographed by a player.     I would like to think that if any of The Ladies… husbands/boyfriends/what-have-you owned, (or in the case of Wyc, headed up a group of owners), that we would be able to sneak into the locker room during towel time.    
  • (A man secure enough with his wife locking around a locker room, is a hot man.)
  • (Mostly it is about him having a locker room for her to walk into.  During towel time.)

3 thoughts on “Knowing Your Hot Owners – Wyc Grousbeck, Boston Celtics

  1. Way to set an impossibly high standard, Wyc – now all the girls are going to require that their men own a basketball team and have a locker room full of be-toweled athletes.

  2. Yes, if by “anything” you mean how to slice liquid nitrogen to get free coffee, and how to take revenge on your enemies using only popcorn.

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