Viewer’s Guide: NBA All-Star Hotties

Some Viewer’s Guides will tell you about who to watch to catch amazing three-point shooting, or outstanding defensive skills, or spectacular rebounding. Not this one. This Viewer’s Guide highlights the hottest All-Stars to keep your eyes on during the NBA All-Star Game tomorrow night. You can find the X’s and O’s anywhere, we’re trying to help you enjoy the scenery along the way.

Gilbert Arenas
#0 – Washington Wizards – G – 6’4″ – 210 – 25 years old
A Cali boy with gorgeous brown eyes and a cut bod, Gilbert is an ace on the court and at playing Halo. He’s one of the Good Guys in Sports, officially (according to The Sporting News). He’s also not easily intimidated- he wears the #0 jersey in reference to the number of minutes all the naysayers said he would play at the University of Arizona. Looks like he got the last laugh.

Vince Carter
#15 – New Jersey Nets – G/F – 6’6″ – 220 – 30 years old
Vince is one of the most popular players in the NBA- and that can’t be just because of his aerial feats… his killer smile has to be part of the equation. In addition to his hoops acumen, he’s a talented musician- he played saxophone and baritone in high school, and received a music scholarship offer for college. Thank goodness for us he’s on the court, rather than hidden away in an orchestra pit.

Dwight Howard
#12 – Orlando Magic – C/F- 6’11” – 265 – 21 years old
Dwight’s striking good looks make him a tall, cool drink of water to look at on the court- but he’s also a rising basketball star whose skills shine there as well. He won the 2004 Naismith Award as the top high school player in the nation, and was a unanimous Rookie All-Star the next year. Plus, how cute is it that his favorite movies are “Finding Nemo” and “Friday”? That’s a man who likes variety.

Allen Iverson
#3 – Denver Nuggets – G – 6’0″ – 165 – 31 years old
Allen has a combination of swagger and skills that makes him irresistable – and those cut arms and beautiful eyes don’t hurt. In addition to being a kickass basketball player (multiple-time All-Star, 1997 Rookie of the Year, 2001 NBA MVP) he’s also an artist who draws in his spare time. He was The Answer in Philly for a long time, and now he’s Denver’s Answer in a 1-2 punch with ‘Melo. Le sigh.

LeBron James
#23 – Cleveland Cavaliers – F – 6’8″ – 240 – 22 years old
A certifiable phenom, LeBron has picked up practically every honor there is- from 2003 High School Player of the Year to number one draft to 2004 Olympic team member to first-team NBA All-Star. He’s humble amidst the superstar-fame, wearing the #23 jersey in honor of his idol Jordan. He’s cute as a button, with a great sense of humor and lovely smile– and the guy’s got a killer fashion sense.

Tony Parker
#9 – San Antonio Spurs – G – 6’2″ – 180 – 24 years old
It seems like Tony’s become famous as “Mr. Eva Longoria”, but Eva’s just proof of what’s been known for awhile… Tony’s hot. Hot on the court, sure (with his amazing speed and 2 NBA championship rings), but just hot in general, too. Is it the French accent? The ability to speak multiple languages? The charming smile? His love of playing games on his PS2? Whatever it is, the hotness cannot be denied.

Dwyane Wade
#3 – Miami Heat – G – 6’4″ – 212 – 25 years old
If Dwyane wasn’t already married, he’d be the NBA’s Most Eligible Bachelor, hands-down. It seems there’s not an award he hasn’t won- including one of People’s 50 Most Beautiful People, one of ESPN’s Top 25 Athletes, and a championship ring with the Heat. He also gives his time and money to numerous charities. Plus, there’s the small matter of his smokin’ hotness. So he’s got that goin’ for him…

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12 thoughts on “Viewer’s Guide: NBA All-Star Hotties

  1. I like your write-ups about Lebron and Dwade, I love those guys. I hope you don’t mind I made a jump cut in your post, but since that was the whole reason for moving to WordPress anyway….

    I hope Little Miss Sunshine went well. Damn torrents….

  2. Not quite what I expected, but entertaining none the less. To complete this style of blog, though, you need jealous guys in the comment section exaggerating the miniscule flaws of each choice. :-p I’ll be really amused if that happens.

  3. You get many male responses as most of us are too slow to figure out the whole wordpress sign up process.

    However, I enjoy my women happy.

  4. D-Wade is hot. Even while collecting fouls as if he were a flopping Frenchman.

    And I know I’m not alone in this, but I totally want to have 10,000 of Gilber Arena’s baby. He’s cute and hilarious. Love!

  5. Steve Nash looks like a completely different person when he’s not sweaty and wearing a suit. A completely different HOT person.

    That D-Wade Gatorade ad is adorable. DO IT AGAIN! DO IT AGAIN!

  6. No way is Steve Nash hot. No way, no how. He takes my personal Triple Crown of Fugliest Athlete, with Nowitzki and Randy Johnson.

    Then again, I think Roger Clemens is hot- so what do I know.

  7. Yeah- I thought about it. Even found a cute pic of him. But in the end, I had to go with the first-teamers (even though there are 7- so, starting 5 plus two alternates).

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