Homer Hotties: Adam Haluska

Hello and welcome to the first installment of what will hopefully become a regular feature here, Homer Hotties. This is where one of the Ladies… will sing the praises, ogle the assets, and generally drool over someone from one of her teams. This inaugural article is going to feature one of my beloved Iowa Hawkeyes, Adam Haluska.

Adam is a born and raised member of the Hawkeye State, having grown-up in Carroll, Iowa. He was a multi-sport athlete, even going so far as to place 2nd in the State Track and Field Meet Team Competition by himself his senior year. He finished first in the 100, 200, 400 and long jump, which gave Carroll High School enough points for 2nd place. He is currently the Big Ten leading scoring, averaging 22.3 points a game. This is 2.5 points more than 2nd place Alando Tucker, who is the player that ESPN analysts cannot talk about without absolutely creaming themselves.

Haluska is also shooting 88.3% from the charity stripe and averages 3 3-pointers per game, both of which are good for 2nd in the Big Ten. In Iowa’s game today against Michigan State, Adam started his 125th consecutive game, which is the longest streak in the nation. He’s an exciting player to watch and also just a good guy. He stays out of trouble, he’s an academic All-American and I’ve also met him and he is polite and funny. Finally, he recently got engaged to his long-time girlfriend Kendra, proposing to her on the playground where they met in elementary school. Adam Haluska, welcome to the 2007 Homer Hotties.

Update: Girls, I’d watch out for the Homer Hotties curse. Today, I started writing this article and Iowa is currently getting piss-pounded by Michigan State. Haluska only has 11 points.

Elsewhere in the Top 25:

**After leading most of the way, Villanova could not hang on and Georgetown eked out a win, moving them to 10-2 and keeping them firmly in 2nd place in the Big East, 1/2 game behind Pittsburgh, who also won today.

**Wisconsin effectively drubbed Penn State, keeping them firmly on top of the Big Ten

**In the upset of the day, the #1-ranked Florida Gators have been bested by the tough, the ferocious, the singing group with tight harmonies Vanderbilt Commodores. Crazy. Also, the fans did the requisite running onto the floor, even though there were about 25 zealous ones and the rest just sort of trickled out there.

**UCLA beat Arizona, no big surprise there.

**Mizzou upset #18 Oklahoma St. in Stillwater. This is surprising because Mizzou usually can’t keep enough players out of jail to field a full team.

**There’s a real barn-burner happening in Tuscaloosa between #20 Kentucky and #25 Alabama. It’s always great when these two teams can play each other and the respective fans can get a chance to see relatives and/or lovers. Alabama ended up winning by 11, but it was a much closer game than the scoreboard implied.

**#6 Texas A&M, #9 Kansas and #23 West Fucking Virginia all got wins today. The total annihilation Kansas brought on the Cornhuskers is the worst blow-out today, bumping my Hawkeyes from the #1 spot.

4 thoughts on “Homer Hotties: Adam Haluska

  1. Haluska’s girlfriend was featured in a sportsline Valentines article. This feels slightly gay, but he could do better. I didn’t mean to be slightly homophobic there.

  2. I knew this kids parents when the were in High School. They both were fantastic basketball players then. I have watched Adam play all the way from Ia. State to joining the Hawkeyes so I know where he got the traits from

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