Know Your Ladies…

Are you just dying to find out about the Ladies… of the blog? Well, it’s quite a trip down the rabbit hole……so follow us, but we warned you…..


Birthplace: Chester, PA
Bust: Big
Height: 5’5″
Weight: Not a chance
Turns Me On: Good grammar, using my name while you’re talking to me
Turns Me Off: Raw tomatoes, the word “panties”
Teams I Hate Irrationally: The Dallas Cowboys, the NY Giants, the Yankees and any team from Notre Dame


Birthplace: Oak Ridge, TN
Bust: They’re real. And they’re spectacular.
Height: 5’8″, 6′ in my favorite boots
Weight: nuh-uh
Turns Me On: Bite me.
Turns Me Off: Political or intellectual apathy, stale cigarette smoke, people who don’t think I’m funny
Teams I Hate Irrationally: University of Florida football, University of Alabama football, University of Georgia football, New England/Boston anything


Birthplace: Raleigh General Hospital
Bust: Eric Crouch
Height: 27 apples high
Weight: 8.7 stone
Turns Me On: KEXP online, distance running, pudding, blue jeans
Turns Me Off: lice, the word “moist”, rickshaws, Umbros, Duke
Teams I Hate Irrationally: The Yankees, those punks at Meadowlark Elementary

Lady Andrea

Birthplace: Cedar Falls, Iowa
Bust: 38 D
Height: 6’0
Weight: 160
Turns Me On: Witty banter, confidence, love of animals, being kissed on my neck, passion about a team
Turns Me Off: Arrogance, lack of common sense, insensitivity, vanity
Teams I Hate Irrationally: Chicago Cubs, the Yankees, Florida Gators


Birthplace: Charleston, SC
Bust: Nope
Height: Short
Weight: Nope
Turns Me On: Spelling my name correctly, music knowledge, a great game
Turns Me Off: Pronouncing my name wrong, teasing others, taking oneself too seriously
Teams I Hate Irrationally: UNC, Georgia, VA Tech, Red Sox (and I’m not a huge baseball fan)


Birthplace: Lubbock, Texas
Bust: a move
Height: 5’4″ 1/2 (but who’s counting?)
Weight: just right
Turns Me On: Longhorns
Turns Me Off: Sooners, Aggies
Teams I Hate Irrationally: San Francisco Giants, Cardinals (any kind), any team from Florida (including, but not limited to, UF, FSU, tha’ U)


Birthplace: Denver, Colorado
Bust: 34H
Height: 4’8
Weight: I will kill you if you ask that again.
Turns Me On: Flirting, bad boys, smart-asses
Turns Me Off: Know-it-alls, smoking
Teams I Hate Irrationally: Patriots, Marlins, USC


Birthplace: Perth Amboy, NJ
Bust: 38
Height: 5’3″
Weight: A lady never tells…
Turns Me On: Walk off wins, a nice ass, and long walks on the beach
Turns Me Off: Yankee fans (just kidding), poor hygiene, and ignorance
Teams I Hate Irrationally: Yankees

20 thoughts on “Know Your Ladies…

  1. I’ll take “One-Stop Stalking” for $500, Alex. Joking aside, this is really cool, and I’m seriously excited that there’s going to be a crowd of blogging sports females here. Best of luck in making this work; I’ll link to this when I get a chance.

  2. Oh Ladies of Deadspin, you do something magical to my heart…

    I can’t wait to read what you all write about. And I’d just like to say “Welcome” and enjoy the linkage on my page.

  3. Here’s my info:

    Birthplace: east Texas
    Bust: perfect
    Height: perfect
    Weight: perfect
    Turns Me On: Prince, lingerie
    Turns Me Off: men in capri pants. Seriously, WTF?
    Teams I Hate Irrationally: Yankees, Rangers. I hate Texas A&M, but that is entirely rational.

  4. This is a great idea! I guess now I know what you miss out on when you’re too shy to comment on Deadspin.
    I know I speak for all the other lady sports fans when I wish you girls good luck!!!

  5. You ladies have some good irrational hate. It’s better than “my ex-boyfriend who I want to run over” hate.

    You should have the restraining orders already filled out on some of us. yes, I’m talking in the royal me.

  6. 1) The Gentlemen, and I use that term loosely, of Deadspin, would never inquire as to your weight.

    2) The Ladies of DS are apparently very well-endowed.

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