Call us!

When we saw the photo of Captain Caveman at the Super Bowl, our first thought was, “THE DAYSTAR! IT BURNS! AVERT YOUR EYES!” Our second thought: “How did the Cryptkeeper get a press pass?” But once our eyes adjusted to the brilliance, we realized that it wasn’t white light searing our skin, but white heat.

Meet our particular notion of What A Man Should Be, a standard to which all men we meet will be held against and found wanting. Service to his country? Check. Sports acumen? Check. Way with words? Check, and how. Don’t be fooled by his clean, non-threatening good looks, either. We hear he’s a hellcat in the sack.

It all comes back around to Namath sooner or later, doesn’t it? He’s the Kevin Bacon of the sports blogosphere. Does this make CC our Suzy Kolber? We suppose. Only hotter. Captain Caveman, we salute you.

9 thoughts on “Call us!

  1. (I still love AJ, but that is because he ran Oddjack. Did I say I loved bad boys? I also love men who gamble just as much as I do.)

    (Which is to say, too much.)

    [Heart] you CC!

  2. Oh, and I posted this under “Ladies” because I wanted to see what it was like to write in the Royal We. It did not go well for me/us, and I/we promise never to do it again for at least a week.

  3. Just this once, I will forgive that Joe Mauer has been replaced on the banner of hotness. Only because the gunslinger is holding down the far left spot.

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