Advent Calendar of Hotness- Day 9

Note: This really was supposed to be yesterday’s post (which is actually day 9, not day 7, but GM is having calendar amnesia this week).

In a first for the ACoH, today’s designee never actually played professional sports, but I know I’m not the only Lady who enjoys spotting him on the sidelines…

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Aubrey Huff’s Victory Thong … And Other Tales of the Giants Victory Parade


Even the police horses got in on the fun.

On Wednesday, San Francisco hosted its first ever World Series victory parade.  (Must be nice to have one of those in a temperate climate: every time there’s one in New York it seems to be miserably cold or rainy.)  The main media narrative about the Giants this postseason was that the team on the whole is a bit ….kooky; the parade certainly did nothing to dispel that impression.

Earlier media reports hinted that Aubrey Huff might attend the parade in nothing but his red “victory thong.”  Well, the thong was definitely present and visible….

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And Then There Were Four

Why yes, that is a picture of Placido Polanco stuffing Raul Ibanez’s glove down his pants.  Thanks for noticing!

Enough goofing around: the league pennants are upon us, Fox has to start acting like the MLB playoffs aren’t something that just gets in the way of its football coverage (although to be fair they have a truly awesome NLCS promo which I can not find on the web but which prominently features a couple great Cardinal playoff moments plus Bartman), and fans whose teams win this series can buy shirts that don’t look kind of pathetic. (Unless you are a Rangers fan — you’re allowed to buy a Divisional Series Champs shirt if your team has never won a playoff series before.)  Two teams swept their way in, one team needed all 5 games, and one would have swept if it were not for the heroics of one Rick Ankiel (it is, apparently, a good post season for Cardinals nostalgia).  Anyway, here’s who we have left:

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Where’s Oswalt?

You may have heard that Roy Oswalt was pressed into duty as a left fielder in the Phillies -Astros 14 inning game Tuesday night.  This was all in a day’s work for Roy, who likes to keep his pitching skills fresh by engaging in a number of varied activities on his off days.  Here’s where you could find Roy this week:

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Happy Start of the Football Season

I’m taking a post mulligan. I apologize for the thrown-together nature of my post.

Let me make it up to you:

Ok, enough of that Bush. Because it turns out there’s another cutie Bush in the league. He’s on my team and I didn’t even know it. Let me introduce you to Green Bay Packer Jarrett Bush:

Kind of adorable, right?

He’s even cuter partaking in a Packers tradition wherein kids lend the players bikes to transport them between Lambeau Field and the practice facility.

Sadly, these are the best non-action shots of this new arrival to my radar. Here’s hoping we get to see some more of Jarrett at the season goes on!

Girls in the Dugout

Chelsea Baker and Joe Niekro in 2006

The last year my brothers played Coach Pitch in Little League, their team was assigned two girls.  This was no big sweat for the head coach (my dad) — not only had he begun his long and varied youth sports coaching career with a stint as my soccer coach, he’d also coached kindergarten teeball, which in our area was co-ed.  What did surprise him, though, was that only one girl showed up to practice. After a week or two,  Dad mentioned to this girl’s mother that she wasn’t supposed to be the only one on the team.

“Oh, I know,” the mom said, “she didn’t want to come after what happened last year.”  Apparently the girls had also been assigned to the same team the year before  — only that head coach had done everything he could to make it clear he did not want girls on his team, from making them go last in every single drill to only playing them the minimum amount of innings required by Little League rules.  Both girls (who, I remind you, were eight years old at the time) stuck it out the full season, but now the other girl couldn’t bear to even try again.

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Hump Day Hottie AND Pick ‘Em Challenge Update

It's the Soccer Super Friends!!! (No? Just me? OK.)

Important Announcement for Pick ‘Em Challenge Participants: Group play concludes on Friday!  That means you have between the close of Friday’s 2:30 pm  matches (usually around 5 pm ET) and the start of the first second round match at 10 AM Saturday morning to make your pick for that game.  (If you oversleep, don’t worry — you can still pick all the remaining knockout round matches until the time the match starts. You just won’t get points for that first game.) Continue reading

Congratulations Blackhawks!

The Chicago Blackhawks swept the San Jose Sharks and are the first team to get a berth in the Stanley Cup Finals.

Lucky for us, the Blackhawks aren’t so difficult on the eyes. Everyone wins when the Blackhawks win!

Follow the jump for all the hockey hotties.

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Welcome to the Majors (and our hearts) Drew Storen

So I’m a bad Lady… and forgot to get my post up this morning. I headed to to see if there was any breaking news that needed to be covered and saw that the Nationals called the #10 pick in the 2009 draft up to the major league squad.

Apparently they do have pitching prospects not named Stasburg.

Turns out this kid, Drew Storen, is rather easy on the eyes.

So welcome to MLB, Drew. I can imagine you’ll be compared to Strasburg the entire time you’re wearing a Nationals jersey, which really is punishment all its own. We’re sorry you have such a burden to bear, but we won’t mind watching to see how you do.

If you can’t get enough of Drew, he’s on Twitter. Even cuter – so is his mom!

Congratulations Dallas Braden and Jody Gerut!

Two unlikely players accomplished two of baseball’s biggest feats this weekend. While Braden’s perfect game was by far the bigger accomplishment, Brewers bench player Jody Gerut’s cycle shouldn’t be over-looked.

Braden faced 27 Tampa Bay Rays and put them down in order. It was the second time in less than a year that the Rays had been on the wrong end of a perfect game.


On Saturday, Jody Gerut hit the double to complete his cycle in the ninth inning with two outs. The Brewers’ last cycle came in 2004 from the backup catcher. Seems the Crew gets the power from the unlikeliest of sources.

Baseball Rookies on Parade!

Here we are, a little over a month into the new baseball season.  While we try to not panic/be overly confident about our favorite teams’ and players’ seasons thus far,  it’s hard not to get a little excited about the breakout rookies.  Yes, it’s true that some (most)  rookie hot streaks don’t last, and a .360 batting average in the first six weeks of a major league career isn’t necessarily a harbinger of a long and prosperous career.  Still, ten Aprils ago, that’s what they were saying about Albert Pujols.

Let’s meet a few of the newbies, shall we?

Jaime Garcia

OK, not technically a rookie (he appeared mostly in short relief  in 10 games in 2008 before needing Tommy John surgery), but he’s a Cardinal so I’m bending the rules.  He’s also the first lefty to start for the Cards since Mark Mulder and he is awesome. After what the Phillies did to Santana, I was scared to death that Garcia’s hot streak was about to get clobbered by Utley and co. … and then he held them to three hits over six innings.

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I heart Joe Pavelski

Heading into today’s action, San Jose Sharks’ Joe Pavelski was leading the Stanley Cup playoffs in points and goals scored.  He’s also from a town just outside Steven’s Point, WI called Plover whose population is just about 10,000.

And he was a member of the University of Wisconsin 2006 National Championship team.

While everyone knows Dany Heatley, Brian Rafalski and Chris Chelios – the most famous Badger alums, Pavelski is by far the most successful of the newest wave of UW players in the NHL. While Brian Elliott is working his way up, and Adam Burish is certainly famous in Chicago, Pavelski has quietly become the leader at San Jose. All this from a kid who probably wasn’t one of the first five or ten names someone could list off that 2006 roster.

In last night’s game, Pavelski scored two goals and had an assist and was 13-3 in the faceoff circle.

In the first series of the playoffs, Pavelski kept San Jose’s hopes alive by scoring the goal that forced overtime in the series clincher, as well as the OT game winner.

In scoring twice last night, Pavelski notched his third straight multi-goal game, a feat that hasn’t happened since Mario Lemieux did it in 1992.

Follow the jump for more on Pavs, Badger hockey and college players in the NHL

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Bringing the Heat…The Pittsburgh Pirates

Listen, Pirates fans – I know you get picked on. I’m certain a post from a Brewers fan isn’t going to go over so well with you after we beat you last Thursday 20-0. However, I discovered last week that you girl Pirates fans have little to complain about. Though the scoreboard may sometimes make you want to cover your eyes, the view on the field is enough to keep a Lady coming back for more.

Who care what the record is – these Pittsburgh Pirates are hot! So hot, in fact, that the first time Garrett Jones came to bat, my mother stopped what she was doing to say “who’s that?”

Sadly for us, these hapless Pirates don’t receive too much media coverage and pictures are somewhat difficult to come by. Maybe there are even more pretty Pirates that I missed out on. Let me know if the comments if someone else needs to make it on our radar.

Follow the jump to meet these Pirates Pretty boys

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Left-handed lunacy

Of the 30 pitchers that started MLB games yesterday, 14 of them were left-handed, which ESPN tells me is quite the big deal.

So to celebrate the proliferation of Southpaws, I thought we’d look at a few of our favorites.

Barry Zito

Maggiesox will yell at me, but I know many of you ladies love Cole Hamels

Especially for one of our readers – Doug Davis

Scott Kazmir

And for our ladies that like their men a little younger looking, there’s always Clayton Kershaw

Obviously, that’s just a few. Who are your favorite lefty leading men?

It’s Selection Sunday — Time for the Ladies…Bracket Brawl!

Evan Turner's already had an exciting postseason -- can he keep it going?

CBS has just barely announced the lucky 65 teams in this year’s NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, and we here at Ladies… are ready to challenge you, our lovely readers, to a brawl. In other words, we’ve set up a Tournament Challenge group at, and are eager to see who among you can predict most accurately one of the most wide open tournaments in years.  Will Evan Turner’s Buckeyes do what Greg Oden’s could not?  Is John Wall going to pull a Carmelo Anthony?  Speaking of ‘Melo, can Syracuse pull off their first Final Four since Melo’s one-and-done season?  Are we ever going to see a miraculous 16 seed win?

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Hump Day Hottie: Team USA

Since I’m snowed in today, I have snow on the brain.  And, as most of you know, I usually have hockey on the brain.  So why not show you a glimpse of some Team USA Hockey hotties?  So follow me after the jump for some hotties to watch for in the next coming weeks!

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Who Dat? And while we’re on it, what was up with those ads??

Riding out the Ladies… Super Bowl excitement further, I’d like to extend my congratulations to Drew, Coach Peyton, and the city of New Orleans on winning the 44th Super Bowl!!!  And call it my nature, blame it on where my interests lie, but I found it only fitting to include this awesome video for K. Gates’ “Who Dat”, along with my own analysis and recap of the (incredibly disappointing) Super Bowl ads.

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Social Media and Professional Sports

It’s a time of turmoil in the CuteSports household as the boyfriend graduated in December and is looking for a job. Clearly this isn’t the best time for such things and it’s been stressful. He’s currently up for a job that would require relocation and that has led me to looking for a new job as well.

The number one job on my list is with a professional sports team. As best I can tell, the job looks to be this organization’s “toe-dip” into the world of social media.

Though for a while Facebook and Twitter could be written off as sites used by kids to play games and post inappropriate pictures that would eventually get them in trouble, I think businesses are starting to understand their power and reach and are looking to see how they can incorporate them into their advertising and business model.

While I’ve seen universities, and by extension their athletic departments and sports teams, use Twitter successfully, I have to admit that I don’t know too many professional teams that are using Twitter or Facebook as effectively as they might. Obviously my interaction with teams outside my sphere is limited, so I thought I’d ask our readers.

Do you think professional teams should use social media? Do you know of any that do so effectively?

Follow the jump for thoughts on why to use Twitter and athletes using it.

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Off-Week Diversion: Fantasy Dancing With The Stars Casting Call

The Super Bowl’s not for another week, the Olympics aren’t for another two, and I don’t care about the Pro Bowl.  I think this calls for a post topic that’s completely silly and unrelated to anything, don’t you?  Luckily I’ve been saving one up, ever since I saw this post on one of my favorite dance blogs. For those of you who don’t feel like following the link, all you really need to know is that the title is “I WANT CC SABATHIA TO BE ON DANCING WITH THE STARS.”

Um, you may need to stretch more than that to pull off a tango, CC.

There is usually at least one athlete contestant on DWTS  every season, but none of them has been a professional baseball player.  Ignoring the pragmatic concerns about whether the timing of the DWTS filming would conflict with baseball season (because: silly post), would CC be a good fit for the show?

Pros: Very first contestant from baseball, Yankees would probably encourage it if only to keep him in shape during off season.

Cons: Size (height, too, this is not a fat joke!) might make it difficult to find a compatible partner, might have a hard time getting votes if DWTS fans turn out to be anti-Yankee.

Follows in the Footsteps of: Warren Sapp, Evander Holyfield

But I didn’t stop there!  If scheduling conflicts were not an issue, here are some other contestants I’d like to see on the dance floor.

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Black and Gold Super Bowl

My apologies to the Indianapolis fans out there, but that’s the last reference you’re going to see to your team.

As a former resident of the great city of New Orleans and a confirmed life-long hater of all things Minnesotan, today is all about celebrating the New Orleans Saints – in pictures!

Let’s start with the man of the hour, Garrett Hartley.

Photo by: Ted Jackson/The Times-Picayune from

Photo by: Michael DeMocker / The Times-Picayune from

And while Hartley is certainly a great story, the better one is the excitement of the citizens of New Orleans. The rest of these pictures come from this gallery on by Times-Picayune photographer Matthew Hinton.

This sign was on the top of a ramp outside the Superdome. They didn’t waste any time!

Watching the game in a daiquiri bar on Bourbon Street

Second-lining on Bourbon Street!

Hit and Run: Football, Football, and more Football!!

The NFL regular season is over. With Alabama winning the BCS National Championship game, college football won’t be back until next fall. For those of you who play fantasy football, a winner has already been decided. (Congrats to THE Blonde Bomber for winning the ladies… fantasy football!) But don’t be too sad. There is still plenty going on in the football world. There’s coaching changes in college football. New coaches in the NFL. And mostly importantly there’s the NFL playoffs!! The Cowboys remembered how to win in January (which didn’t make me very happy). The Patriots got slaughtered by the Ravens (which did make me happy). This weekend is a new set of games that will hopefully be more entertaining than the Wild Card games. (Admit it, aside from the Cards/Packers game, all those games were pretty boring.)

Congrats to Bama for beating the Longhorns 37-21 in the BCS title game.

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This Just In: Darrelle Revis is Awesome, AP is Clueless

…in other news, kittens are cute and water is wet.  I know.  But (with all apologies to CuteSports), how exactly is Charles Woodson Defensive Player of the year?  By a 2 to 1 margin?

You have seen Darrelle Revis play, right?

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Mid-week Inspiration Break

I was diagnosed this week with a sinus infection and tonsilitis.   I missed three days of work, couldn’t sleep for two days because my throat hurt so bad, and basically felt so terrible it felt like I’d never be healthy again.  Then, while staring blankly at some random digital channel yesterday, I was introduced to someone who put all of my recent woes into perspective.

Meet Seun Adebiyi.

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