Hit & Run: The Morning After

So I go away for a few days, and the next I thing I know, the other Ladies… have conquered the world. Fantastic work, y’all!

I’m airport blogging it again this week, this time from scenic LaGuardia Airport in New York (thanks to a cancellation of my flight back to Chicago from Boston yesterday) — so let’s all get caught up on the latest hottie news together, shall we?

The scenery in Pawtucket is lovely this time of year.

* While the big boy Sox didn’t fare so well against the Angels on Sunday (maybe they were hungover from Saturday’s night’s 10-run tear?), the AAA-PawSox were looking mighty fine against the Syracuse Chiefs on Sunday in Pawtucket. Ladies’ mascot Jacoby Ellsbury, freshly back from his appearance in Boston on Friday, scored the game-winning run.

* It was the Day of the Pitcher on Sunday: the Twins’ Johan Santana fanned a career-high 17 batters, the Braves’ John Smoltz struck out 12 en route to a club record, and the Padres’ Greg Maddux prevented a Houston sweep and picked up career W #342. Maddux and Smoltz just go to show that hottness knows no age.

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Thursday’s Hottie Hit n Run

MLB Hotties the Colorado Rockies have done something that no baseball team has managed to do since 1956: they swept two New York clubs in the same season. The Rockies swept the Yankees a couple weeks ago and then last night took the Mets out behind the woodshed to the tune of 17-7 to complete the sweep. The last time a team did this was when the ’56 Milwaukee Braves swept both the New York Giants and the Brooklyn Dodgers in the same season. Tap the Rockies, indeed. The Ladies salute you. [Boys in Purple Pinstripes Top Gangs of New York]

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Going halfsies

aren't we cuteIn a brilliant marketing ploy that ranks up there with Dollar Dog night, the Terrible Towel, and everybody’s favorite, the bobblehead promotion, two titans of the tennis world met in Spain yesterday for a gimmick match for the ages.

Dreamy Roger Federer, a four-time winner at Wimbledon is a specialist on grass courts, and his frequently manpris-clad opponent, two-time French Open winner Rafael Nadal, is frequently referred to as the “King of Clay.” They agreed to play an exhibition match on a specially constructed half clay-half grass courtto decide once and for all who is cuter better dressed on the court a better all-around tennis player.

Nadal won in 7-5, 4-6, 7-6 sets. I don’t really know what that means, but I think it was close.

Half and half court weirdness

Hit and Run: Friday Edition

The Headband is a Bit MuchFrom the “Hot Body, Goofy Head” File: Spaniard Rafael Nadal extended his winning streak on clay courts to 70 games by defeating Italy’s Potito Starace and advancing to the semifinals of the Barcelona Open.

I can’t say I find Rafa (his official nickname, perhaps to avoid confusion with Raffi and to minimize in-game interruptions caused by persistent requests for “Baby Beluga”) that attractive. His haircut’s a bit too Jungle Book for me and there is no reason for a man to wear capri pants unless he survived a shipwreck. That said, I’m a sucker for a guy with nice arms.

And apparently it runs in the family.

Mother Nadal

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Hit and Run: One Hitter Edition

This is going to be quick because I’m sitting in my car in front of an Embassy Suites, stealing their wireless and hoping that the guy with the Hokies dufflebag hits my car with his luggage cart again.

Confidential to the Guy with the Hokies Dufflebag: Why can’t you just carry the damn thing? Also, when people refer to “matching luggage”, they do not mean that you and your suitcase should both be clad in the same garish orange and maroon combination, although that is one classy windsuit. 

I’m visiting my parents’ new place in South Carolina, and getting here involved driving past a number of houses I recognized from the covers of Nancy Drew books, past a combination Bojangles/Pharmacy (Come for the chicken! Stay for the Lipitor!)  and eventually stopped for dinner at a place that encouraged you to place your scraps in a giant receptacle in the parking lot that was marked “Food for Cats”.  They also sold gas.

But the most distressing part of the weekend is that certified tastycakes Andy Roddick and James Blake are in my hometown! staying within digital zoom range of my house! playing for the United States in the Davis Cup! and I’m here, in a place where the hotties to Hermit Crab ratio is approximately 1 : 9,400. 

Blake Me Off A Piece

Oh James, I would’ve invited you over for dinner and pudding. 

OK, apparently Hokies guy is also a tattletale because there’s a guy with a green nametag coming toward my car.  Guess I’m leaving…and I didn’t even get to try their complimentary breakfast.