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PERSONAL FOUL: Charlie Manuel
It must be spring- we’ve gotten the first baseball coach freakout on the media (in this case, radio host Howard Eskin). And what a spectacular freakout it was- complete with threats of physical violence. And, of course, there’s video.
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Early reports are that Oden, Daequan Cook and Mike Conley Jr. will all declare for the draft. Oden’s bye-bye is no surprise, but can Buckeye Nation survive the news that 3 of their guys are on their way out the door? Couches across Columbus breathe a collective sigh of relief.
TIMEOUT: Ryan Howard
In addition to cold-as-ice bats, and the crappiest bullpen around, the Phillies are now dealing with a Ryan injury. Fortunately for Phans everywhere, it’s not like he was adding a whole lot of production at the plate anyway. But what fun would a Phillies season be without constant disappointment?
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ILLEGAL MOTION: Florida Gators
Contrary to what Keith Jackson tells us in that latest Gatorade commercial, it was Florida State, not Florida, that invented the sports drink. Shocking developments from the same state that brought you tha’ U. And the ’00 election.
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TOUCHDOWN: Smoke Signals
With the looming possibility that college coaches may not be able to use text messages to bug the holy heck out of recruits, EDSBS examines alternate means of communication that will surely flourish in its wake. U NEED 2 COME 2 ST KTHX.
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The Ref

Keep your “Pro vs. Con”. Colbert can have his “Tip of the Hat, Wag of the Finger”. We’re gonna reward points and penalties to people based on their genius decisions and boneheaded moves.

PERSONAL FOUL: Oklahoma Sooners
As the Sooners prepare for their day of reckoning with the NCAA tomorrow, 82 Sluggo Win goes inside the peace talks between Bomar and the Okies. Note: the NCAA had to hire special interpreters to translate from “Uneducated Hick” to English.
[82 Sluggo Win]
HOLDING: Jeff Francouer
Atlanta totally hearts Jeff, local boy done good. UmpBump wonders why- and compares him to your favorite underachieving asshole and mine, Pat Burrell. I’ll give you a hint as to why I think they love Jeff: he is really, unbelievably good looking. Isn’t that enough?
TIMEOUT: Brad Lidge
Lidge loses his closer role and is relegated to the bullpen as middle relief. The Big Picture listens in on a session with Lidge and his therapist. Lidge could have saved the money- even this armchair therapist can tell you all his problems can be attributed to the 1-2 punch of Pujols and Podsednik homers.
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A Mets fan gets injured after being hit by a flying object at Shea. A really large flying object. Like, a person-sized flying object. True to form, the always courtly Met fan ran away without apologizing or checking on the woman he nearly knocked out. Chivalry lives!
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Awful Announcing has gathered together a motley crew of sports bloggers to do our own mock draft, and show up all those punks who do that kind of thing for a living. 5 of the Ladies are joining in- and we may or may not make our picks based on how cute the guys’ butts are. We’re (man) handling the Rams, Steelers, Jets, Saints and Colts- any suggestions?
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The Ref

Keep your “Pro vs. Con”. Colbert can have his “Tip of the Hat, Wag of the Finger”. We’re gonna reward points and penalties to people based on their genius decisions and boneheaded moves.

INCOMPLETE PASS: Kentucky Wildcats
UK tries to go long with Billy Donovan, but he’s staying put in Gainesville. An audible to Rick Barnes was also rejected. But it looks like the Sexy Rexy of college bball will just say fuck it, and throw downfield to Billy Clyde Gillispie. Bye, bye Aggies.
[Turf Toe]
CLIPPING: Pittsburgh Pirates
For cutting my Astros’ season off at the knees, only 3 games in. Maybe the ‘Stros need to take a page from the Buccos’ playbook, and pick up some draft strategy tips
[Where Have You Gone, Andy Van Slyke?]
TIMEOUT: Phillies Intro Music
It’s always fascinating to see what major leaguers pick as their batting intro music (“Dirty Laundry” for Pat Burrell is genius) and it gives you some insight into their pesonality, but the songs imagined by the We Should Be GM’s crew are brilliant.
[700 Level] & [We Should Be GMs]
For calling the primarily African-American women’s basketball team from Rutgers “nappy-headed hos”. Bonus racist remark: referring to the Tennessee-Rutgers game as the “the jigaboos versus the wannabes”. Classy much?
[Media Matters] via [Loser With Socks]
TOUCHDOWN: Cole Hamels
He may have had a rocky time of it pitching this week, but the guys at Our Book Of Scrap seed him first in their Beer Pong Tournament projections. Chad Johnson gets the 8 seed, and contemplates changing his name to just plain “Ocho”.
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Hottie Vision – Mark Cuban

Perhaps the most unconventional hottie that’s been featured on Hottie Vision, Mark Cuban isn’t normally the guy that comes to mind when you think “hottie”. But Mark is that kind of sexy that comes from a combination of intelligence, wit, power and more than a touch of geeky enthusiasm. His undying love for sports is part of what makes him so attractive- and I won’t lie, the possibility that he could buy the Cubs makes me happier than, well, a kid on an Easter Sunday morning egg hunt.

Mark appeared this week on “Mad Money” on CNBC, in a special program broadcasting from Indiana University (his alma mater). He talks about everything from the Mavs to his advice to new entrepreneurs to Youtube to the possibility of buying the Cubs. After the jump, check out the videos of his two segments on the show- an interview and a Q&A with the audience.

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The Ref

Keep your “Pro vs. Con”. Colbert can have his “Tip of the Hat, Wag of the Finger”. We’re gonna reward points and penalties to people based on their genius decisions and boneheaded moves.

For buying Pride, the Japanese mixed-martial arts fighting group, and guaranteeing a lot more great rough and tumble fighting. Also, bonus PAT to UFC just for having hottie Chuck Liddell fighting on their cards.
[UFC scores TKO on its business rival]
OFFSIDES: San Diego Padres
For dumping hottie Todd Walker, in favor of Marcus Giles- after taking Todd to arbitration and losing (to the tune of $3.95 million). Nice timing- one day before the deadline, but after stringing him along through weeks of spring training.
[Padres decide Walker must go]
TOUCHDOWN: Bruce Pearl
For sticking with Tennessee, and spurning the alluring advances of Iowa. It’s not that UT is “better” (cause I’m not picking Holly vs. Andie), but it’s nice for a coach to come out and put rumors to rest.
[Vols' Pearl Says No To Possibility At Iowa]
For (allegedly) shortchanging college football and basketball athletes an average of $2,500 a year through their overreaching limitations on scholarship-eligible expenses. Nothing says karma like a class action lawsuit!
[NCAA could take big hit in scholarship anti-trust trial]
Everyone knows Orson Swindle and Peter Bean are funny dudes in print- but they’re just as entertaining to listen to. Every Tuesday night they go live and talk college football- put it on your calendar and check them out.
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I Was There: North Carolina-Michigan State

Beads OK, first, I didn’t go to Michigan State. But I would rather eat a bag of aquarium gravel than cheer for UNC, so yesterday I was all “Go Green! Go White!” all the time, even though my entire family was decked out in a shade of blue that they call “Carolina ” while I defer to J.Crew’s description of “Rich Peri” in a sad attempt to feel better about the tees I just ordered.

MaskThere were about 10,000 other unique snowflakes rocking the light blue, since the game was in Winston-Salem which is only about five Cracker Barrels away from Chapel Hill. From all the seersucker, the Topsiders, and men named Worthington Fenimore Tartarcontrol “Whitey” Textilemill, it was obviously a Tarheel crowd.

We got to our seats right when Carolina was warming up and Tyler “They Call Me Psycho T Because I’m Real Psycho and T is my Favorite Color” Hansbrough was alternately taking jumpers and fidgeting with his mask. I tried to get chants of “Cher’s Your Mom” and “Eric Stoltz” started but they didn’t catch on. I like to think that maybe it was just too early. Continue reading

Knowing Your Hot Owners – Wyc Grousbeck, Boston Celtics

(First in a series highlighting some of the hotter pro-sports team owners.  There are some gems to be found among all those pasty old white men.  Don’t worry, Mark, we’ll get to you.)

What makes Wyc Grousbeck a hottie  -

Plays drums in a classic rock band, French Lick.

A degree in history from Princeton,  JD from Michigan Law School, and MBA from Stanford Business School.  Hot, hot, hot.   Continue reading