Hottie Runner Wins Long Island Marathon, Nails Jurisprudence Final

Dan McGrath is a 2L at the University of Notre Dame Law School. What is he doing this week? Studying for finals, preparing to leave for his summer job…and WINNING THE LONG ISLAND MARATHON. He’s from Long Island and he flew home this past weekend just long enough to finish the marathon in 2:25:38. He then hopped a 5 pm flight back to South Bend and took his Jurisprudence final at 9 am Monday morning.

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Racing makes me sad. Basketball makes me happy!

I love horses, so stinking pretty.

So I spent yesterday reading my first non-school related book in over a month, and preparing to watch racing of all sorts. First up, Kentucky Derby. A three frickin’ hour telecast for a 2 minute race. Ohhh NBC, way to milk that for every advertising penny. Big Brown, the favorite, won by 5 horse lengths. Coming in second was the only filly in the group, Eight Belles. A filly hadn’t been entered in the Kentucky Derby for something like 9 years. After a strong second place finish, Eight Belles collapsed on the cool-down lap after breaking BOTH her front ankles. Apparently this injury was too much for any horse to come back from (giant body, spindly legs) and she was immediately euthanized on the track. Ugh. This was basically the saddest thing I’ve ever heard. The trainer and jockey were in tears. This poor horse was in so much pain they had to put her down IMMEDIATELY. They couldn’t even take her to a vet hospital. Way to start my sports watching on a sad note.

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Why must you insist on breaking my heart?

I’m sure many of you have heard that Andy Roddick recently got engaged to Sports Illustrated swim suit model Brooklyn Decker. I’m not quite sure what he sees in her…

There is also a rumor floating around that Dreamboat and that supermodel he refuses to break-up with are making it official. Now, I doubt the Roddick thing is going to work out (the girl is only 20 after all) and chances are Bunchface is just another womb in which Tom Brady can implant another illegitimately beautiful baby. But I am saddened nonetheless. Hot pieces like that shouldn’t just go off the market! How dare they find beautiful, successful, women to settle down with when they haven’t even met ME yet?? So I decided to compile a list of the top 3 male (pro) athletes that it would break my heart to heart to hear that some wench has made off with them.

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Hit and Run, November 7, 2007: Things You Probably Did Not Know

Australian surfer Mick Fanning won the Hang Loose Catarina Pro event in Brazil yesterday beating out defending two-year title holder Kelly Slater and fellow Aussie Taj Burrows to clinch the 2007 World Championship. You cannot see him from here on the shore, but trust me when I say he’s everything a blonde, blue-eyes Australian surfer should look like.

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“I Want to Look Like a High School Cheerleader Again” – CMT

CMT, (the hip name designed to make you forget it is the Country Music Channel), has announced that they are launching a special eight-episode series this October that follows 10 former high school cheerleaders as they workout with Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader trainer Jay Johnson in an effort to recapture their former-selves. Since men like Ray McDonald carry around laminated cards of their high school baseball stats, it is not surprising that there would be women walking around wishing they could go back to the the top of the pyramid or get one last “liberty” in. Continue reading

Bring ‘em out, bring ‘em out…

Rocking the Plate started out as a little lark of a post, just something we threw up for our own entertainment, and gave way to one of our most memorable comment threads. Summer being the time for reruns, we’ve posted the best of those propositions after the jump, along with responses we received from the blogosphere’s finest.


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Weekend Bang-Bang and Mail Bag Hottie

Got links you want included as a Bang-Bang Play? Got an athlete you think would make an excellent Mail Bag Hottie? Email us!

“…who probably just ensured that Las Vegas will never ever ever ever ever get an NBA franchise. Ever.” I couldn’t agree more. [LOLJocks]

Calling everyone who played – or didn’t play – high school sports in Los Angeles. It is time for the L.A. High School Alumni Basketball Tournament benefiting Garfield High School. []

Someone is taking the Penguins signing Ty Conklin better than I am. Bad juju all over him. [Pittsburgh Sports and Mini-Ponies]

Best athlete character names in film . [Joe Sports Fan]

My favorite number-cruncher examines what goes into a “save”. [Kermit the Blog]

Special Guest Editor Andrea profiles Will Leitch (who?) for the “100 Most ‘Influential’ People in Sports”. [A Price Above Bip Roberts]

Picture of a giant bass? I’ll link to that. [Sports Gone South]

And finally, thanks to Larry Brown of Larry Brown Sports for putting together a great night of LA sports bloggers this week. Miss Gossip of Fanhouse Fame, Brooks and Jason from Sports from Brooks, Lion in Oil guys, NBA nuts The Association, HC from You’ve Been Blinded, the LAist’s Adam, BoiFromTroy, and a few more I am sure I am forgetting. (Thanks for all the drinks!)  Update – Larry has the page up [Larry Brown Sports]

And our Mail Bag Hottie of the Week…

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MLB All-Star Game Excitement B-I-N-G-O Style

Download Full Page American League Bingo Card PDF Here

Need a little bit more excitement and entertainment for your All-Star game party?

Well we here at Ladies believe that even the most casual of fan should be able to have some fun watching the Midsummer Classic, so we’ve whipped up some All-Star Bingo Cards! No need to try to keep track of pitching changes when you can look for Big Papi to point to the sky, Alyssa Milano in the stands, and players adjusting their junk instead. We’ve got your American League, National League, and Interleague Bingo all here! Continue reading

Cotto v. Judah: Scoping the Hotties


Tonight, boxing fans will be gathering in droves to watch Miguel Cotto take on Zab “Super” Judah.  Who’s going to win?  I don’t know, I can barely remember what time the match is.  For all the deets, go to East Side Boxing.

Howevah, if all you want is to see cute boys with nice bodies, follow me…

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Hit and Run: Best of Times, Worst of Times

Let’s start with the bad. Get it out of the way.

* I take full responsibility. By openly laughing at the circus sideshow that is Alex Rodriguez, I basically guaranteed karma would come back at me- in the form of a recorded L for my #1 hottie Jonathan Papelbon (thanks to an A-Rod bomb). Outside fastball, Papyboo? Throw the splitter next time, baby. [And Boston begins a mini-freakout]

* Texan hottie Josh Beckett looked solid in yesterday’s start- and should have earned his 9th win. Unfortunately, close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, so Beckett got nothing off of his efforts. [More fascinating: a visual analysis of how Josh's delivery has changed in one year]

* The dugout brawl between hottie Michael Barrett and Carlos Zambrano has been overanalyzed already, so I will simply say: (a) both of them are hotheads (Mikey B: AJ punch, fight with Oswalt; Zammy: spiking Todd Walker’s hat, calling out Matt Murton from the mound), (b) of course I side with Michael. [Scoreboard always wins any argument.]

And for the good- leave things on a high note:

* David Wright is smart. Opting to take a 0.5% interest in Vitamin Water in exchange for his endorsement – rather than a flat fee- David’s interest is now estimated to be $20 million dollars after the company was sold for $4.1 billion. [It must be tough being a single, rich, smoking hot ballplayer in New York City.]

* Hawaiian cutie Shane Victorino gave all the Philly fans at CBP two gifts yesterday: the snazzy Shane-in-a-hula-skirt bobblehead, and a walk-off home run to beat the Giants. [He makana nâu, Phanatics.]

“I’m a reacher, not a teacher.”

So I broke my iTrip in the parking lot this morning as I was leaving for work. Turning to the radio, I started surfing my presets and stopped when I hard the word “goth” on the AM dial. It was a show I’d heard horror stories about but never experienced for myself.

As best as I can recall, Things That Happened On Ten Minutes Of Colin Cowherd’s Radio Show This Morning:

  • Colin bragged about his “goth” t-shirt he was wearing, and talked about all the “rock and roll” shops he frequented when in Hollywood. The shirt came from a Lucky Brand store.
  • Mel Kiper Jr. wandered in and Colin asked him to guess how much he weighed. This went on for several minutes.
  • During which Colin uttered the phrase, “I will bet you a week’s supply of pumpkin, which you eat”, in a perfectly matter-of-fact tone.
  • Colin called Jamarcus Russell “Marcus” repeatedly, and mistook Gaines Adams for a Facts of Life character.
  • And then, this. The usual suspects are up in arms, and rightly so.

Right before I dialed away in disgust, he graciously dispensed the following bon mot: “I’m an entertainer. I’m not a journalist. And I’m proud of that fact”. You’re half right, friend.

Hottie Vision – Michael Barrett

It might make me a bad person, but I loved it when Mikey B socked AJ Pierzynski in the face. Of course, I’m a Cubs fan, so that may have something to do with it. It was hot- as it usually is when good lookin’ boys tussle (well, good lookin’ boy, anyway- AJ is decidedly not cute). Bonus: hottie Scott Podsednik jumps in to tackle Michael- and I’d volunteer to be in the middle of a Mikey-Scotty PoPo sandwich anytime. So here’s a little bit of nostalgia to help bring you back to that magical day- when the Cubs finally got a good hit.

(And for the record, right before he lays one on him, Mike tells AJ, “I didn’t have the ball, bitch.” Awesome.)

Hump Day Hottie: Ryk Neethling

In the midst of the freezing winter, swimming in a cool pool in the heat of summer sounds like it would be just about the best thing ever. Well, second best thing- the best thing is a hot Olympic swimmer to go with that cool pool…. like Ryk Neethling. South African, gold-medal winning Olympian, he spoke Afrikaans for most of his life until he moved to the US to attend college at Arizona on a swimming scholarship. His name is pronounced “Rake”, and doesn’t that pretty much sum things up?

Fish     Outta     Water