Hit & Run-Dumbass Edition

Usually we like to highlight the hotties and good guys in sports on this here blog. But I’m not feeling it today. Life sucks at times. So instead I’m giving you the dumbass version of the H&R.

This guy? Dumbass #1. Michael Rasmussen was removed from the Tour de France by his own team for violating team rules. He missed some random drug testing, telling the sports director of his team that he was in Mexico when a former teammate saw him out and about in Italy. You fool. Rasmussen had won the Stage 16 Wednesday when he was dismissed.

Dumbass #2-Curt Schilling. He ran his mouth off again on Costas Now, talking about Bonds, Palmeiro, McGuire, steroids, etc., etc. Look Curt, I like the fact that you talk to the media and have your own blog, making you “closer” to the fans. But sometimes you need to shut yer yap. Haven’t we been down this road before?

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“I Was There” – Pirates versus a .500 season

In the six months of Ladies, this is the hardest post I’ve had to write.   So hard that I’ve actually been working on it since this game… 

That’s right.  Ever since the Buccos gave up a 10th inning walk-off grand slam to Dodgers on April 21

You know, after they gave up the lead in the 9th.   

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Hit & Run: The Loooong Edition

I was going to start with the Mets’ win over the Cardinals, but I found these pictures and just had to share at least one:

Aw, Tiger looks so happy!  You can find more at Tiger Woods’ site.  Sam looks so cute, and not unlike a little meerkat.  And I say that as someone whose own newborn looked very meerkat-ish.

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Hit and Run – Now with 99.9% more bluegrass

The Louisville Cardinals were eliminated by #3 UNC in the CWS, in a 3-1 ballgame that saw the Cards just get three hits.  (Considering they had just lost to #2 Rice 15-10 with 15 hits, I’m surprised they had any strength left in them.)  Cutie on the left here is senior Trystan Magnuson who closed out the game for the Cards.

For the Tarheels, pitcher Luke Putkonen went 7 innings and threw 7 strike-outs but really didn’t look as cute on the mound.




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Father’s Day Aftershave – TheStarterWife

(Better video quality can be found here, where I’ve uploaded the clip to UnCut video, which has less compression than YouTube.)

Before we jump in here dear reader, you must know one very important trait about my father – he is possibly one of the driest people on the planet. He speaks in a slow, measured tone and considers every single word before it leaves his mouth. This isn’t to say that he is cold and distant, because he is a very warm and funny man, but he is just so very, very dry. Continue reading

Two Homers Discuss…: Phillies at Mets, 6/7/07

As you’ve probably guessed by now, Ladies… Texas Gal and Clare are quite the Phillies Phans. Unfortunately, they’re separated by 750 miles and a change of time zones. How do they remedy this problem? For what we hope will be the first in a series of Two Homers Discuss… pieces, they fire up their IM programs of choice, chat away and save the results FOR YR LOLZ AND ENJOYMENTZ.

Clare: CLARE
Texas Gal: THIS IS WH
Texas Gal: THIS IS WH

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Hit & Run: Quack Mother F**king Quack

The Anaheim Ducks are one win away from hoisting Lord Stanley’s Cup, behind Andy McDonald‘s two goals. Wonder what they’ll do with it if (when?) they win. I’d like to drink out of the Stanley Cup someday.

Georgetown Hoya Roy Hibbert was invited to tryout for the U.S. heading down to the Pan-American Games in Brazil. Yeah, like any college male would turn down the chance to spend 16 days in Rio de Janeiro. He better stock up on condoms and sun tan lotion.

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 I was just about to go to sleep when I heard over WFAN that the NY Post had caught A-Rod red handed with a “mystery blonde”.  Of course, I had to check that out – and yup, there it is, splashed all over the NY Post. 

No way am I naive enough to be suprised that A-Rod is possibly cheating on his wife.  As a matter of fact, I’m not even outraged.  I don’t know exactly what it is, but I guess since these things happen so often in marriages involving celebrities and athletes, that it’s almost par for the course. 

It still must suck for the wife.  However, knowing A-Rod, he probably took the blonde to his room, and struck out.  No, that joke doesn’t work that well this early in the season, does it?

Go to the NY Post for all the salacious details: he stayed at the Four Seasons while the majority of the team stayed at the Park Hyatt! they had dinner together and then went to a strip club! they got into an elevator together! 

Hit & Run


Quack-quack, mofos.  The Anaheim Ducks win 3-2 over the Ottowa Senators to go up 1-0 in the Stanley Cup finals.  Hottie Ryan Getzlaf scored a goal, and hottie Rob Niedermayer did something or other.  I’m sorry, I read about the win, but I don’t understand most of it! C’mon, hockey peoples – what is two-way play? However, I do know a hottie when I see one:

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Hottie Hit and Run – Wednesday TSW goes off the rails


Congratulations to the Anaheim Ducks for making it to the Stanley Cup finals for the second time in the past four seasons with their 4-3 win over the Red Wings. Look at how manly and full all their playoff beards look, with the exception of goaltender Giguere’s baby face. They play the Ottawa Senators at home starting next Monday, May 28. Why the long wait? Champions on Ice is already booked in town this weekend.

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