Because it’s not the CWS without a little nudity!

Farewell, dearest Tigers of Louisiana State. Right before Tim Federowicz launched his grand slam in the top of the 9th inning (in what had been a tie game), I heard an LSU fan say, “Oh, this guy only has 4 homers this year; we can get him.”

And just like that, they did not “get him.” UNC went on to win 7-3 to send LSU home, and continue its own quest to finish in 2nd place in the College World Series…again. But there was a streaker! Check out the ground crew guy’s tackle!!

I had never been to a sporting event where there was a streaker. Now I have been, and it was at least as hilarious as I had always imagined.

College World Series update

Something you should know about Miss Minda: I hate Miami sports. As far as I’m concerned, “Da U!” can eat poop. They were #1 heading into the College World series, but after facing Stanford last night…they gone!

Georgia, Stanford, Fresno State, and either North Carolina or LSU (depending on tonight, plus another game tomorrow if necessary) are still in it. Here’s the bracket, for your viewing pleasure.

And here was the view from my lovely GA seats, as taken by my badass friend Kacey:

All we see is Red in Nebraska3

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The Ladies… This Week

Hey all, it’s time for our newish weekly feature: The Ladies… This Week. Pretty simple — It’s new stuff from the Ladies’ other websites this week.

At DeadOn, read along with Lady Andrea as she revisits Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. She’s got chapters 1-5 up right now.

Chitown Chick previews two soldier-athletes who have a chance to qualify for the Olympics via the Army’s World Class Athletic Program.

Miss Minda shares what Omaha is like (Hint: it’s awesome!) during the College World Series.

The Dame of Extra Time has been busting her gorgeous booty keeping up with all the Euro 2008 action – way too many posts this week for me to choose from. Check out all the coverage at This Is Extra Time.

SA is sick, and we should really bring her some soup.

Coping with the pain…with cookies!

Sometimes, when I get really really steamed, I can think of only one way to sort through my anger: Bake cookies. Some recipes are better than others for dealing with different types of annoyance, and since I’ve had plenty of opportunities to explore those, I’ll show you the delicious peanut buttery way:

Truer words have never been spoken

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Ask The Ladies…: Turning The Girlfriend Into A Sports Fan

Welcome to the first edition (of hopefully many) of “Ask the Ladies…” in which you, reader of our lovely little piece of the internet, ask us any question regarding sports or relationships or whatever strikes your fancy. It’s like “Dear Abby” only with multiple responses and more practical advice. If you would like to ask us a question just send hit the email link to the side and send us your question(s). If you want to remain anonymous please state so otherwise all names/nicknames/commenter names will be used.

Our first question comes from the comments of ChiTown Chick’s post last week on what’s it like being a female sports fan. From Rockabye:

I’m a sports fan. The girlfriend, amazing in pretty much every way but this one, is not.

How do I go about turning her into one?

Rockabye and the Mrs. 30 years from now. Maybe.

So how do you turn a non-sports loving female into one? Well, let’s ask the Ladies!

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Celebrate starting with Joba Chamberlain

All right, yo. In the spirit of Cinnamon Girl’s new zeal for fitness, let’s follow the example of a successful professional athlete and move, move, move! Today, we’ll look to New York Yankee Joba Chamberlain, a Nebraska native who had a sparkling run in relief last year (except that stupid bug game) and is making his first MLB start tonight.


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The Ladies… This Week

Hey all, it’s time for our newish weekly feature: The Ladies… This Week. Pretty simple — It’s new stuff from the Ladies’ other websites this week.

Lady Andrea‘s town was hit by a pretty fierce tornado. She’s OK, but you can see in the photo she posted that not everyone was so lucky.

Miss Minda’s head is spinning with all the Royals’ roster moves (but she likes them, so it’s all good). She also got a new jersey.

Chitown Chick has a new blog about the Olympics, and will be covering the Olympic trials.

The Dame of Extra Time welcomes back Captain Beckham…and his underwear ads, and notices England’s short memory regarding John Terry.

SA calls out Greg Oden on his very, very obvious observation.

A losing streak with style

Many years ago, the Kansas City Royals were no-hit by Jon Lester, and they haven’t won a game since. Wait, that was like 11 days ago but time has dragged by while Royals Nation waits for the team to pull out some kind of non-failure. It’s been a voyage of suckitude not seen since the infamous 19-game losing streak of 2005. You want to know how it feels? I’ll show you:

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What It Feels Like for a Girl

One of the things that we all love about this site, both as writers and readers, is that it’s a place where we can all feel normal as sports fans. We can talk about batting averages and winning percentages and goals and who will beat who, and no one will look at us funny. We need this place because quite often, female sports fans are seen as freaks, pretenders or unfeminine, when none of the above is true.

Mommy, do you think that the Bulls should pick Derrick Rose or Michael Beasley?

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The Ladies… this week

Hey all, it’s time for our newish weekly feature: The Ladies… This Week. Pretty simple — It’s new stuff from the Ladies’ other websites this week.

Once upon a time, on a Sunday afternoon, a lady blogger was supposed to do this post about her fellow bloggerettes’ activities of the previous week. Instead, she disappeared into the wilderness for many hours, and now needs some water, aspirin, quiet, and sleep. But first, here’s the post she owed y’all:

Fantastic news: Arizona State has reinstated wrestling!!! Let’s not let any more programs be canned, shall we? Read more from Chitown Chick.

The Dame of Extra Time uncovers the truth about Didier’s slap-happiness with Vidic; it’s more scandalous than I could have imagined.

SA describes the best five bucks she ever spent. In a few minutes – long enough to get to the nearest store – it will be the best five bucks I’ve ever spent, too.

La M Alana is pretty disheartened with this year’s NBA playoffs.

Miss Minda hasn’t been at her computer a whole lot, but saw a pretty sweet extra-innings game one night last week.

Lady Andrea did the “god-awful” American Idol finale in her usual hilarious fashion, and calls out some “writer” for being a superdouche.

Annnnd…I’m out.

Ah, the things we do for fan-love

I love how much we get to let sports matter in our lives. Sure, in the grand scheme of things, today’s matchups don’t matter, nor do tomorrow’s, and nor would it really matter if MLB started using instant replay in games. But we get to make those things matter; we get to love our teams wildly, our moods rising and falling with their performances. We get to skip work for day games, keep our young kids up way late for extra innings (even in minor league games), heckle like our lives depend on it…and endure horrific customer non-service for jerseys.

Brian Bannister, how I love thee!

Oh Banny, I’d jump through hoops of fire for you and your spectacular brain!

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MLB facial hair: The ugly, the uglier, and the HOLY SCRUFF BATMAN!

Whether or not you are statistically inclined, this equation should make a lot of sense:

Facial hair = hot

At first glance, it seems so true. Yes, facial hair is hot, sometimes devastatingly so. But then…sometimes it isn’t. Sometimes grown men can’t figure out how to look in the mirror and see that the things they’ve grown on their chins are making them exponentially less attractive. These grown men, of course, are Major League Baseball players, whose facial hair offenses range from mildly offensive to vomit-inducing. Let’s take a journey down the path of how not to shave your face.

John Garland's fungusy soul patch

Oh, John Garland…can’t you see that fungus-esque bit you missed when you last shaved?

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From Buzz to bleached keepers: The Ladies… This Week

Hey all, it’s time for a new weekly feature: The Ladies… This Week. Pretty simple — It’s new stuff from the Ladies…’ other websites this week.

Lady Andrea is Nuts for Nats over at Bugs and Cranks. (Note: Going Nuts for Nats is similar to, but should not be confused with, going Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.)

Lady Andrea and Miss Minda both weigh in on the now-infamous Buzz Bissinger tirade.

Lady Andrea’s thoughts

Miss Minda’s thoughts

At Chicks Heart Fights, Chitown Chick recaps the week’s Ultimate Fighter episode. Also, sad news: her computer hasn’t been doing too well lately. I hope it gets better.

La M Alana revisits an old post, from her Warrior-fueled jubilation last year.

The Dame of Extra Time puts on her detective hat (which looks totally fabulous) and discovers what really happened to Manuel Alumnia’s hair. She has to be right.

Hottie Prospectus 2008

This is my awkward introductory sentence wherein I inform you that this is my first post here, and I’m very nervous. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s move on to the Hotties!

It’s easy to forget sometimes that the hotties in the Majors aren’t the only ones. I know, sometimes life gets kind of hectic, and so you don’t have the time to keep up with the minor leaguers in your team’s farm system.

You’re missing out.

When these hotties make it to The Show, some will discover their prettiness for the first time. But you will know better; you will have followed the hotness all the way from the creaky buses of the minors to the chartered flights and luxurious life of the majors. It will be hard to match last year’s class of tasty prospects, but let’s give it a shot.


Taking the hill for our all-hottie team, we’ve got Ruddy Lugo, a Mets prospect who scores points for his talent, his looks, and being the younger brother of Julio Lugo. (The Lugo brothers were once teammates with the Rays – cute, right?) Baseball Prospectus describes his curveball as “nifty,” and reports that his fastball hits 95 at times. The Internets do not have enough pictures of Ruddy; I’d like to launch a campaign to change that. I’ll call it Take More Pictures of Ruddy Lugo, Then Post Them Online, or TMPoRLTPTO for short. But here’s one of the few.

Ruddy Lugo

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