1000th Post Countdown…

The Ladies are coming upon their 1000th post as a blog.  To commemorate the occasion, we are counting down 9 Ladies’ Top 11 Perfect 10s, culminating in one glorious post of a unanimous #1 overall pick.  (Because 100 perfect 10s equal 1000… see what we did there?)  Today I bring you the Ladies’ #11s…

Awww, what a cutie.

Awww, what a cutie.

Games Mistress
Darelle Revis – Darelle’s a rookie, but between his excellent defensive play and his hotness, he’s moving into the running for my all time favorite Jet defender. (Granted, given the Jet defenses of the recent past, this is not that hard.) Also, he looks really good in green — which just makes it sad that he’s had to wear drab blue and gold the last couple of games.

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Adrian Peterson vs. Reggie Bush

I’m watching Monday Night Football. I’m trying to focus my energy on rooting for the Minnesota Vikings, to get them to a 2-3 W-L record instead of letting the New Orleans Saints go over .500. Understandably, the national sports media seems to be focusing on the match-up between Adrian Peterson and Reggie Bush. The more pics they put up, the less I seem to hear about the game, the players, the stats, the strategy. All I see is this…

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The Ladies … Pick the Postseason (Baseball Edition)

AP/Mark Avery)

Will anyone take the Angels out? (Source: AP/Mark Avery)

October is my favorite sports month of the year, mainly for two reasons.  We’ll talk about the second one next week.  This week, I switched days with SA so I could start October off right: talking about postseason baseball.

This is the first time in many seasons I have not had a clear favorite in either league.  I kind of think people are forgetting about the Angels, though, just because they clinched their division ages ago.  So my picks for the postseason are:
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The Sunday Afternoon Movie

I am a Minnesota Vikings football fan. Like many Minnesota fans, the longer I watch our home-town team, the more bitter and jaded I get. I’ve even started to become superstitious. And it appears that this football season will not be good. Whether the Vikes start Tarvaris Jackson or Gus Frerotte, it appears that we have an uphill climb with our remaining schedule and our receivers/passing game. All that being said, I must admit that I did not watch the Vikings game on Sunday when they saved themselves from an 0-3 start. Could I have been the jinx the first two weeks? I’m planning to not watch next week as well … we’ll see. Therefore, I decided I have to find something else to watch on Sundays for the rest of the season. So follow me after the jump to see the 12 sports movies I’ll watch the rest of the season (we still have a bye week, you know).

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Keep On Loving You

This weekend I got the Time-Life collection of the Ultimate Rock Ballads. Let me tell you, it is AWESOME! I spent the better part of the weekend enjoying the music. Then I got really excited about Monday Night Football, and the match-up between my Minnesota home team and the Green Bay Packers. I was really excited to blog today about how great Adrian Peterson is, how our D-line lived up to all expectations, and how Tarvaris Jackson showed real improvement over last year. However, after last night’s Vikings performance, all I wanted to do was cry. So I consoled myself with this.

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Very Superstitious, Writing’s On The Wall

One of the best parts of being a sports fan is the superstitions we come up with. How so? Because where else in life can you completely rationalize some of the crazy stuff we do in the name of “not jinxing” our teams? And it just doesn’t work in other parts of life. There aren’t too many sales associates that won’t say the name of the city they’re in so they won’t jinx that next sale.

Or something. I don’t think that analogy works, but you know where I was going with it.

Anyway, superstitions are fun. They make all our crazy behavior during games normal. And those among us without a silly superstition about their favorite baseball or hockey team? They’re the crazy ones.

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Hot Wide Receivers Of The Big 10

I read a piece in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune this weekend about Eric Decker, wide receiver for the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers football team. It was well-written, thoughtful and informative. But what caught my eye was the picture. So I started looking for wide receivers in the Big 10 to see who’s hot. Because he’s hometown (for me, at least), Eric gets top billing here. But follow me after the jump to see who else is on top for WRs in the Big 10.

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The Ladies Wax On about Waxing Off

Slash fiction... geddit?

Slash fiction... geddit?

This week’s Waxing Off topic at Deadspin was… disturbing. And gross. And demeaning to the women asked to write about it. If you didn’t read it, here’s the email sent to the women asked to contribute:

Michael Phelps Slash Fiction.
The inspiration for this comes from two sources. First, this post, which is pure nightmare fuel. Then there’s this, about how Phelps is being pursued by Lindsay Lohan (equally terrifying). We’d like to follow things to their logical conclusion, and figure that you guys would be the best to do that. Make it read like an excerpt from a steamy, filthy book. Put Michael Phelps in the situation of your choosing … male on male, male on female, Phelps on llama … the aristocrats! Nothing is too over-the-top or depraved; it’s slash fiction. Let ‘er rip. Keep to 250-350 words, if possible. And don’t forget the short graph at the end about yourself, where you can plug your site and/or projects if you wish.

Here are our collected reactions to this request:

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There’s No Place Like Home


I have really enjoyed the Olympics this year, as I do every time they come back around. I’ve watched a lot of my favorites, like gymnastics and swimming/diving, as well as some others, like beach volleyball, track and field, and fencing. I have been impressed overall by the athletes’ dedication and drive, and jealous of their athleticism and fitness at the same time. But I started thinking tonight about how long they’ve been over there, and how long until they get back, and I realized they must be homesick in some way. I know if I were in China for over two weeks in early August, I would be missing things. Follow me after the jump to see what they are.

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Get To Know Aaron Rodgers


After weeks, or is it really months, of hearing about the whole Green Bay Packers, Brett Favre, Ted Thompson, blah, blah, blah… What? I’ve just started to tune it all out. However, now it seems there may be an open competition at training camp to determine who will be the starting quarterback. Since I can’t stand this story anymore, and I think Aaron Rodgers is perhaps getting short shrift, I thought you might want to get to know him here – since it appears you may not have the chance to this year in play as you originally thought.

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Tuff Stuff

The Minnesota Twins are a team to watch. They are 2 1/2 games back as of last night, going into the 4-game series with the AL Central leaders the Chicago White Sox. They have Justin Morneau, who made quite a showing at the All-Star game. They have Joe Mauer, whose combination of talent, respectability and good looks are more than enough to qualify him as a HDH. And they have the stuff to contend, incluidng scrappy, hungry young players like Carlos Gomez – above – and Denard Span … after the jump.

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Justin Morneau and Josh Hamilton – Both Winners

Look at those forearm muscles.


With five home runs in the final round, Justin Morneau won the Home Run Derby last night, but no one can dispute that Josh Hamilton – who notched 28 home runs in the first round and four in the second without even using all his outs – was a winner as well. When we look at them, we’re all winners…

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2008 MLB All-Star Starters … Take A Peek!

The starters for the 2008 Major League Baseball All-Star game have been announced, and the game is a mere week away. It will be the last All-Star game ever played at Yankee Stadium, as the Bronx Bombers move into their new digs next season. While all of the elected starters are obviously talented, only some of them managed to avoid the editing room floor for getting their photos included here – after the jump…

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The Tampa Bay Lightning Are Electric

Who says the off-season in the NHL is boring? The Tampa Bay Lightning are poised to make a strike at becoming arguably the most exciting team in the NHL, and they’re sparing no expense. From the top all the way down, they are adding quality and hotness across the board. Follow me after the jump to learn see why.

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Hockey Hotties

When I hear “This one is for the ladies…” I can’t help but be intrigued. And I thought many of you might be as well. If so, check out the dreamy bedroom eyes, well-sculpted bodies (when you can see them without those sweaters), and sexy scruff of the Hottie Hockey Dream Team at wraparoundcurl.wordpress.com. She’s allowing all of you to place your votes in a bracket-style competition for the hottest NHL players at each position. You can even vote a second time, here. I believe that the voting may have ended for some of the goalies and defensemen, but many good-looking guys remain. These boys can really melt the ice. So check it out! Can you imagine the final dreamy team that is to come?

Saved By The Bali

In case you haven’t heard, a Colorado Springs’ woman was saved by her sports bra after a fall while hiking in the Bavarian Alps. Jessica Bruinsma was missing for nearly three days, and used the undergarment to signal rescuers from the ledge where she had fallen. It was nearly 15 feet down, and the narrow cliff overhang was so isolated she could not climb free herself. So she attached her sports bra to a cable that helped transport timber down the mountain, and a lumberjack saw it and notified authorities.

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Rocco Mediate Is #1 In My Book!

I love to watch golf. I even like to golf. I wanted to write about the winner of yesterday’s round at Torrey Pines. I wanted it even more when the U.S. Open outcome came down to sudden death. Until Tiger Woods won. I could tell you all about him, how he’s won 13 majors (now 14) when leading going into the final round Sunday … how he’s recovering from his knee surgery … how he did it for his dad and his baby girl. But what can I say about Tiger Woods that you don’t already know? Read on to learn something new about Rocco Mediate.

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Ask The Ladies…: Turning The Girlfriend Into A Sports Fan

Welcome to the first edition (of hopefully many) of “Ask the Ladies…” in which you, reader of our lovely little piece of the internet, ask us any question regarding sports or relationships or whatever strikes your fancy. It’s like “Dear Abby” only with multiple responses and more practical advice. If you would like to ask us a question just send hit the email link to the side and send us your question(s). If you want to remain anonymous please state so otherwise all names/nicknames/commenter names will be used.

Our first question comes from the comments of ChiTown Chick’s post last week on what’s it like being a female sports fan. From Rockabye:

I’m a sports fan. The girlfriend, amazing in pretty much every way but this one, is not.

How do I go about turning her into one?

Rockabye and the Mrs. 30 years from now. Maybe.

So how do you turn a non-sports loving female into one? Well, let’s ask the Ladies!

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Hot Chocolate

While flipping through the pages of a People magazine recently, I saw an ad for M&Ms with NASCAR representative Kyle Busch as an M&M character. It makes sense, because they sponsor his car/team/whatever. Now, don’t get me wrong and I mean no offense, but I’m not a huge fan of racing or Busch. Still, it got me thinking about what other hot guys would look like as an M&M. It can’t be bad, right, combining two things women love – chocolate and really good-looking, fit athletes. So, I sent out a request to the Ladies… for their all-time favorite hottie and a pic. Follow me after the break to see who picked who and what the M&M Generator came up with.

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Luc Bourdon Killed In Motorcycle Crash

Luc Bourdon, a rookie defensemen for the NHL Vancouver Canucks who also played for the AHL Montreal Moose, was killed yesterday in a motorcycle crash. He was 21. In 27 games, he scored twice – his first against Niklas Backstrom on November 16, 2007. He was drafted 10th overall in the first round in 2005 and won two gold medals for Canada at the World Junior Championships in 2006 and 2007.

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What It Feels Like for a Girl

One of the things that we all love about this site, both as writers and readers, is that it’s a place where we can all feel normal as sports fans. We can talk about batting averages and winning percentages and goals and who will beat who, and no one will look at us funny. We need this place because quite often, female sports fans are seen as freaks, pretenders or unfeminine, when none of the above is true.

Mommy, do you think that the Bulls should pick Derrick Rose or Michael Beasley?

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How To Get In Shape With These Hotties

I don’t know about you guys, but I am really looking forward to vacation this summer. I mean checking and re-checking my airline seat assignments excited! Except for the fact that I’m going somewhere warm, with a waterpark, and I’m going to have to wear a swimsuit. Now, I truly do want to work out; I just wish I had the dedication. Or even just someone with a cattle prod to move me along. But I don’t. I’ve had memberships to gyms I’ve never used. I have an expensive machine in the spare room that is covered with dust. Dusting it might be the most exercise I’ve had in months. I’ve even had times I’ve planned to walk with a friend where I’ve begged off – feigning illness. I’m one of those women, ashamedly, who thinks having kids is workout enough. I need some motivation to get fit. And I think I’ve found it. Follow me to find out how to “get fit by summer,” after the jump.

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Sports Hotties To Watch

With the weather getting nicer, I have started thinking about summer sports. Being from Minnesota, where everyone bundles up for half the year, I have also started to think about guys looking hot in the warmer temperatures. So I thought to myself, why not take a look at some college golfers? As luck would have it, one of the Verizon Showcase players of the week is Michael Thompson. As you can see, he’s one to watch.


Besides the obvious beautiful eyes, there is more to his story. I’ll explain, after the jump.

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Will Pat Neshek Still Be Able To Blog After Throwing His Arm Out Pitching Side-Arm?











Pat Neshek is out of the Minnesota Twins lineup, likely for the rest of the year. He has an acute partial tear of the ulnar collateral ligament in his right elbow, as shown on an MRI from Friday, May 9, 2008. Neshek and the organization are hoping he won’t need Tommy John surgery, as that would put him out for most of the 2009 season as well. According to twinsbaseball.com, Neshek said doctors feel the injury can be treated with rest and rehabilitation. “We’re going to prepare for Opening Day next year,” Neshek said. In the meantime, will he still be able to update us on his status in his entertaining and informative blog, On The Road With Pat Neshek? The rest of the story, after the jump…

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Minnesota Twins Gomez Hits For Cycle

Carlos Gomez started out with a home-run in the first inning against the Chicago White Sox last night, and went on to hit a triple, double and single, thus completing the cycle in reverse order. He’s only the 8th player to do so for the franchise … the last one being Kirby Puckett back in August of 1986. The Minnesota Twins crushed the Pale Hose 13-1 (kudos to Livan Hernandez for his near shut-out) by the end of the night. This rare feat comes just one day after Chicago’s pitcher Gavin Floyd nearly had a no-hitter. Some more interesting facts about Gomez after the jump.

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NHL Conference Finals Predictions – Zoltar says:


Well, I’ve saved up my pennies and I’m ready to take a stab at making predictions on the next two series. Let’s take a look at the four teams left in the race for the Stanley Cup. What follows is a preview of the Conference Finals, including a chance to check out some of the best (or best looking) players on each team.

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