Friday Football Foodie – Homemade Corn Dogs, Rusty Nails, and Son of Wheat Thins

Please excuse the Friday Football Foodie for phoning it in this Labor Day weekend. Not feeling very Foody or Footbally after last night’s debacle listening to an anemic Steelers-Panthers preseason game in the middle of the California desert where the only sustenance was a horrific batch of A&W cheese curds. (Wisconsinites, please save your emails; I know they’re not real “cheese curds”, but it’s the best you can find on the 10 between Los Angeles and Phoenix.)

But what do you do when a game is this boring? When it’s turnover after turnover, your friends are restless, and you need to keep the crowd energetic and fed through the second half of what is probably one of the most boring games of the season?

You break out the deep fryer. Homemade. Corn. Dogs.

You will need…

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Friday Football Foodie – Vegetarians are coming! Mexican Pinwheels, Mary Pickford, “Corn Dogs”, and “Wings”

Week three of Friday Football Foodie training camp. You have made Pizza Loaves and Buffalo Chicken Dips and you think you are ready to move on to something a bit more challenging. We’re not quite there yet. The theme is still simple-assembly finger foods. Why?

Because everyone needs the framework for a play that can be used when adversity strikes: the vegetarians.

As a good host, you want to make your home welcoming to everyone, and that includes making snacks that all of your guests will enjoy. (Offering them the sides of celery to your wings does not count as a “dish”.)

If you are a vegetarian going to watch the game at a friend’s place, don’t assume that if the grill is going that there will be Gardenburgers. Show up prepared. (Vegans, I love you, but you’re on your own on football days. Come over any day of the week and I will feed you. But game days? You’re getting the box of Tofutti Cuties I always keep in the freezer and liking it.)

Mexican Pinwheels, Mary Pickfords, and “Might Be New to You” Product Reviews: Morningstar Farms Mini-Corn Dogs and Buffalo Wings.

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Friday Football Foodie – Buffalo Chicken Dip, Stoli Blueberri Fizz, and Sweet Potato Chips

Well team, I must say, I was very impressed with the response to Week One of the Friday Football Foodie Training Camp. The general response was overwhelming, and a few fine readers took the time to send in photos of your very own Pizza Loaves.

With that type of enthusiasm, I really think we have a real shot of making the playoffs here.

But we cannot go into the season without trying out some new plays. The Pizza Loaf is a good go-to running play, but you’re also going to need a new quick 15-yard slant pass because last year? You dropped the ball every time you pulled out a bag of Funions instead of going for something a little more substantive.

We’re trying out something new this week, a menu that with a little fine tuning, could become our next 3 and 8 play.

Friday Football Foodie – Buffalo Chicken Dip, Stoli Blueberri Fizz, and New Snack Review of the Week: Pringles Select Sweet Potato Chips

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Friday Football Foodie – Pizza Loaf, Watermelon-Vodka Slushlees, and Garlic Bits

The pre-season. Supposedly “meaningless” games are spent trying to impress the coaches, shaking the rust off of the joints, and players doing their goddamn best not to get hurt.

Well do you think you, the football fan, are any different? Are you ready for at least one – if not two – days spent entirely on your sofa? After a summer’s harvest of nothing but the freshest fruits and vegetables are you ready to settle in and allow yourself the unhealthy snack foods that are best enjoyed with copious amounts of booze and yelling? Can you whip-up something besides the number for Domino’s, (GOD HELP ME DO NOT TELL ME YOU ORDER DOMINO’S), that will feed you and your crew?

I doubt it.

If you go into September without at least one or two practice runs, you’re going to find yourself sad and lonely with just your box of Bugles and six-pack of Natty Light come kick-off.

We’ll work our way up to the 9-layer dips, Four Cheese Quiche with Roasted Red Pepper (good for the PST crowd since games start at brunch time), and Pumpkin Spice cookies. But for now, we’ll start with something easy that is more about assembling than it is actual cooking, because the making of a championship year does not happen overnight.

(Let this guide not only be a review for what to eat at home, but snacks that a host would like to have when you show up at their front door because your cheap ass still has not ordered NFL Sunday Ticket. Or cable. Or replaced the 13-inch TV you’ve had since college.)

Week One of Football Foodie Training Camp: Pizza Loaf, Watermelon Slushes, and Snack Review of the Week: Snyder’s New Pretzel Bit Flavor: Garlic Bread.

You will need:

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CHEEZE DOODLE BACON PANTS – A peek into the minds of the Ladies

On any given day, we send each other between 50 and 200 emails. (70% sports, 15% website chatter, 7% pillow fighting and baby oil discussion, 4% on how our lives are going, 4% on how much we hate other blogs that shall remain nameless.)

Occasionally, we get down right silly. Yesterday was one of those days. Leading up to this point, we had been discussing Charlie Weis, oatmeal, and cottage cheese. Clare got us started… (WARNING – This might hurt some to read.) Continue reading