Our Year End Hump Day Hottie Spectacular!

Chances are you’ll be reading this in 2009. That’s okay. It’s a holiday and you were preparing yourself for the New Year’s Eve celebrations. But if you are reading this in 2008 then let’s go through a review of what happened this year. Specifically what happened every Wednesday of this year. Yes, we’re going to be taking a look back at the Hump Day Hotties that have graced our blog in the ’08. Why? Because how could you not want to take a trip down memory lane and remember Ryan Lochte?

So let’s go back through the year that was and enjoy our hotties one more time before we sing “Auld Lang Syne.” And if you’re reading this in 2009, remember when Lochte was so smoking in 2008 he made the Ladies… HDH? Yeah, that was awesome.

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Annual ACC-Big Ten Bloodbath

Why do we still play this?

Why do we still play this?

It’s the week after Thanksgiving.  Which  means it’s time to start thinking about Christmas presents, the radio stations have all started playing Christmas music and it’s time again for the annual castrating of the Big Ten men’s basketball teams by the juggarnaut that is the ACC.

Last night, #1 UNC beat #13 Michigan State by 35. THIRTY FIVE!  A game between two top-15 ranked teams should not be that much of a beatdown.  AND they were AT Michigan State.

Wake Forest took it to Indiana to the tune of 25.  Maryland also beat Michigan.

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Your Thanksgiving Day Viewing Schedule

You know what the best part of Thanksgiving? It’s not the family or the food or any of that. It’s the sports you’ll be watching to get away from your family. Okay, and maybe the food. So I thought, when you’re half paying attention to your job or any news as it is today, that I would give you a highlight on some of the games that are coming tomorrow. You can be with your family during all the Black Friday stuff.

I find Dwight Howard to be totes adorable. Hell be adding to your sports viewing tomorrow.

I find Dwight Howard to be totes adorable. He'll be adding to your sports viewing tomorrow.

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Hooray! College Basketball Is Here!

Yes, I’m a bit overexcited. But who cares? College basketball, after it’s long, long, long hiatus, is finally upon us. We’ve had a few games played already and a 24-hour ballathon soon (excuse me while I squee in delight) maybe it’s time to scoop out the hotties by conference. And since me and Miss Christina’s favorite conference is the ACC, let’s start there. Here are a few of the hotties you should know about. Starting with Tyrese Rice, from Boston College.

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It’s Preseason Poll Time!!

This has nothing to do with my post, but hot damn, hes pretty!

This has nothing to do with my post, but hot damn, he's pretty!

It’s that time of year again, when pollsters and coaches and media members throw logic to the wind and vote for which teams they think are going to succeed in the upcoming college basketball season – without a single game even being played! For the most part I don’t have any problem with in-season polls. They are fun, they make for lively debate, they don’t really MEAN anything. But the ones that I can’t stand are these preseason ones. Even with my team perched (unanimously in the APs case) atop them both, I still can’t believe who is retarded enough to vote some of these teams as high as they are. So let’s break down these lists shall we? With what I think are the good, bad, and the MOTHEROFGOD DICK VITALE YOU CANNOT VOTE 700 TIMES!

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Hottie Prospectus: The F’s Up With the Giant Pretty Dude?

Rey Maualuga, 62, 240, LB for USC. Strangely attractive.

Rey Maualuga, 6'3", 255, LB for USC.

I was under the impression that linebackers were, you know, rather lumpy. Not pretty, or at least not appealing to my own sensibilities. Then this cat from USC started showing up in ads and on my television.

Why was I not made aware of this sooner?

More Rey, and other hottie prospects for next year’s NFL and NBA drafts, after the jump.

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Best Sporting Dates

I went to my best friend’s wedding this weekend.  During the 8-hour drive back, I started thinking about what were some of the Best Sporting Timeframes.  With no further ado, here are my choices.  Feel free to argue with me in the comments.

Yay Giants!

Yay Giants!

Best Sporting Day
1.  The Super Bowl. You get together with your friends, eat good food, drink a lot, gamble on the game and laugh at the commercials.  The game is secondary.  And every once in awhile you get a year like this past one where the game lives up to the hype.  Awesome.

2.  Opening Day. Baseball begins.  The smell of spring, the crack of the bat, the sun shining on a beautiful April day.  Perfection.

3. January 1st. Hangover from the night before, wall-to-wall college football, in games that usually feature good teams, and generally good food and more alcohol when you’re recovered (or maybe you’re lucky enough to wake up drunk).

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Michael Beasley Looks Better Horizontal, Or, The Only Draft Preview You Need

What? Don’t look at me like that. He does.

No, it's okay, Mike. You don't have to get up...

It’s that time of year again, kids – the best time of year for nineteen-to-twenty-two-year-old tall-skinny-hottie watching. That’s right. The 2008 NBA draft is tonight, and I’m here to guide you through it, player by player (but not pick by pick, because then I’m always wrong). So, here it is: Your absolutely objective, totally informed, journalistically integritous draft preview, courtesy of your friends here at the Ladies.

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Three Things, Ladies and Also Those Who Are Not Ladies

1: In the last two weeks or so, I have developed a violent crush on Michael Beasley.

Seriously, y’all. I got it bad. Everything I learn about the kid makes me like him more, from the “I’m nineteen, what do you want from me” thing to autographing his principle’s car to frightening/angering old white men. Michael, I’ll overlook your character issues any day.

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The Post In Which I Completely Pat Myself On The Back

Remember back in March when Lady A announced that as a blog we were doing an in-house bet? Well, that bet wasn’t anything too big. Whoever won the tourny pool would get a banner with their favorite hotties on it. Well, thanks to Kansas (it’s like they keep giving me reasons to love them) I won the tourny. And because of the win I get my own hottie banner. As you can see above, my banner only features my three favs: Gerald Henderson, Curtis Granderson, and Tom Brady. Why those three? Check the reason after the jump. Continue reading


For a college basketball fanatic as myself, there is really nothing worse than this time of year. The season is over. And for every team but stupid Kansas, it ended on a bad note. The worst part of all is the 3 or so weeks of “what if” that gets played. What if my favorite player declares early for the NBA draft? What if they all (everyone that is eligible, that is) come back and combine with our new players to create a super team that is sure to win the championship next year?! What if only some come back? What if they all leave? (Poor Memphis fans, I totally feel for you!) Then this week rolls around. The official deadline to declare for the NBA draft is April 27th, i.e. this Sunday. So today, Friday the 25th, seemed to be the day that most fans figured an announcement, if still pending, would be made. AND IT WAS!


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Last night was easily the best Finals I’ve seen in a long time. In fact, I can’t even decide on a better one so I’m dubbing this Best Finals I’ve Ever Seen. The NCAA tourney is my favorite time of year, hands down, but the Finals always seem to be a disappointment. This year, the score was close the entire way and both teams looked really athletic. The Kansas comeback to force overtime was OUTSTANDING. I did remark to my table in the bar that it was kind of a bummer that Memphis unraveled in OT. I was so high after the end of regulation that I wanted the back-and-forth to continue, but Kansas really took it over.

For those of you who live under a rock, here is the end of regulation:

Congratulations Jayhawks!

It’s Hard Out There for a Mid-Major

So tonight the tournament officially “kicks off,” even though my feelings about the play-in game are summarized nicely here.  Mount St. Mary’s deserves a legitimate seed in the tournament; all the conferences winners do (whether by regular season or conference tourney, that’s a whole different issue), even 20-loss Coppin St. because they won their conference tourney.  I’ve always been in favor of the idea that if we HAVE to have a play-in game, why not make it between 2 teams from major conferences who have questionable resumes?  Make Arizona and Syracuse battle it out.  Anyway, the madness begins tonight at 7 pm EDT on ESPN, so here are some Play-in Hotties:

Coppin State
Ernest Hargett (and a little something for SA)

March Madness Begins

This year we aren’t setting up a bet with the boys across the way, but we do have an All Ladies NCAA Pool Thunderdome happening with a very handsome prize for the winner.

My picks for first-round upsets are ‘Nova over Clemson, K-State over USC and Cornell over Stanford.  Here are some Upset Hotties for your Monday afternoon viewing pleasure.

Shane Clark, Villanova

Mmmm, muscley arms.
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There was some pretty crazy shit happening last night in the Minnesota/Indiana game. In case you haven’t seen the highlights yet (there’s no way y’all saw it when the game was ACTUALLY on. I mean, 1) it’s Big Ten basketball and 2) it was on the Big Ten Network), what happened was this: DJ White went to the free throw line with Indiana down one point. He made the first one to tie it up, then bricked the second and GOT HIS OWN rebound and then got fouled. He again made 1 of 2 free throws to give Indiana a one-point lead with 1.5 seconds left. Minnesota then threw a baseball pass the length of the court and true freshman Blake Hoffarber chucked a sky hook up and in at the buzzer for a Minnesota one-point victory. Here is the video:

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Hump Day Hottie: College Ballers

Screw Christmas; right now is the most wonderful time of the year. You have the NBA, NHL, and Spring Training at full steam. Golf and tennis is picking back up. Those that must have football can occupy themselves with the NFL Draft next month, college football spring practices, and the AFL. And of course the college basketball. Oh, the college basketball. Every night this week there is a championship game from some conference and beginning today with the Big East tournament there’s basketball starting at noon. And then there’s next Thursday. Yes, these are the days that I live for ladies and gentlemen.

So in honor of the greatest two weeks of the year here’s a look at some of the players you’ll be hearing about and watching. Let’s start off right with someone who makes me want to apply to the University of Texas so I can stalk cheer him, D.J. Augustin.

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The Ladies… Are Back in Action

After taking a much-needed vacation, the Ladies are back. We are tanned, rested and ready to rock. Here’s what’s been going on with Sporting Hotties around the country…

The Boston Celtics continue to dominate the NBA. They’ve played 58 games and have only lost 12 of them, despite having a mascot that looks like the love-child of the ND leprechaun and your drunk uncle Seamus.

To go with that ridiculous record, the Celtics also have some ridiculous hotties:

Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, and Paul Pierce.
Hot Guy Yahtzee!

Hit n Run

A Thursday Hit n Run? I KNOW! Gettin’ all craaaazy up in here! Anyway, last night was Dick Vitale’s triumphant return to college basketball after being diagnosed with vocal nodules back in December. I’ll admit my secret shame: I kind of love Dick Vitale. Can he get annoying sometimes? Sure. But most of the time I find his absolute balls-out love of college basketball to be endearing. In the story about his return, it said the UNC students welcomed him with chants and applause until he was overcome with emotion and crying. Awwww! Also right before halftime, he said “Hansbrough’s gonna TOUCH IT!” Classic Dickie V.

Feelin’ better, bay-bee!

Jump Ball: Memphis Is Pretty Good

If you haven’t been paying attention to college basketball so far this season then shame on you. It’s been pretty good. Or maybe I feel like that because my team is #3 in the country. Either way, this is the perfect time to start paying attention. You’re already tired of hearing the Super Bowl hype machine (aka Tom Brady’s booted/non booted foot), pitchers and catchers haven’t reported yet, and only a handful of you truly care about hockey. Besides, it’s never too early to start studying which teams will be upset in the first round (please not Duke again, please not Duke again, dear God please not Duke again). So here’s a recap to the weekend that was in college hoops.

First up Memphis. Yeah, I don’t think they have to worry about that first round upset thing.

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Hit n Run

Celtics Hottie Ray Allen had a career-high 35 points in the Celtics win over the Portland Trailblazers. They really needed to find a morale booster after back-to-back losses. I mean, they went from having 4 losses to 6 losses in the span of two games. That’s rough. But they kept their wits about them and beat the Trailblazers, those plucky Celtics. Allen went on a tear after halftime; 26 of his 35 points came in the second half when he went 9-of-13 from the floor. Also, he is not to be confused (as I sometimes do) with Allen Ray of the eye-poking out incident.

Thursday’s Hottie Hit n Run

In College Basketball action, the scrappy Runnin’ Bulldogs of Gardner-Webb beat Billy Gillespie and the Kentucky Wildcats. And they didn’t just beat them. They beat them 84-68. Man, I love college basketball. It’s like March has come early. Michigan State lost to Grand Valley State, Ohio State lost to Findlay and now Kentucky has lost to Gardner-Webb. Granted, those first two were exhibition but…Iowa managed to beat Simpson College the other night. I’m just sayin’. [Bulldogs Maul the Wildcats. Take that, Ashley Judd!]

I was going to do a hottie pic,
but I was too enamored of the cute Running Bulldog.
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Hit and Run: LOUD NOISES!


THOOOOOOOOME! Pictured here smooching his wife Andrea (note: not our Andrea), Ol’ Hambone Thome hit No. 500 yesterday, and did it in grand fashion: a two-run walkoff jack, and on Jim Thome bobblehead day. The fellow who caught the milestone ball gave it right back to Jim, and Thome announced after the game that he and his father would deliver it to Cooperstown together.

Excuse me, but it’s gotten dusty in my office all of a sudden. [Sniffle.]

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Thursday’s Hottie Hit n Run

This headline was just too good to resist: Case of Beer Gets the Best of Parnevik’s Toe. It was about how pro golfer Jesper Parnevik went running into the cabin of his boat and jammed his toe on a case of beer. Seriously. That’s the whole story. It made me laugh too hard to pass up for the Hottie Hit n Run, so Jesper Parnevik, the Ladies salute you. We all like beer. It could have happened to anyone. [I Ran into a Case of Beer Once. It was called Case Races]

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Thursday’s Hotties

Thoughts and prayers from Ladies… go out to the family and friends of Winthrop guard DeAndre Adams. Adams was involved in a car accident last week and passed away yesterday from injuries sustained in the crash. Adams came in off the bench in all 35 games last year, including the great NCAA tournament first-round upset over Notre Dame, which was the first NCAA tournament win in the school’s history. Adams was 20 years old. [Guard Killed on Way Home from Summer League Practice]

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The Ref

PERSONAL FOUL: Charlie Manuel
It must be spring- we’ve gotten the first baseball coach freakout on the media (in this case, radio host Howard Eskin). And what a spectacular freakout it was- complete with threats of physical violence. And, of course, there’s video.
[The 700 Level] & [Our Book of Scrap]
Early reports are that Oden, Daequan Cook and Mike Conley Jr. will all declare for the draft. Oden’s bye-bye is no surprise, but can Buckeye Nation survive the news that 3 of their guys are on their way out the door? Couches across Columbus breathe a collective sigh of relief.
TIMEOUT: Ryan Howard
In addition to cold-as-ice bats, and the crappiest bullpen around, the Phillies are now dealing with a Ryan injury. Fortunately for Phans everywhere, it’s not like he was adding a whole lot of production at the plate anyway. But what fun would a Phillies season be without constant disappointment?
[Babes Love Baseball]
ILLEGAL MOTION: Florida Gators
Contrary to what Keith Jackson tells us in that latest Gatorade commercial, it was Florida State, not Florida, that invented the sports drink. Shocking developments from the same state that brought you tha’ U. And the ’00 election.
[Loser With Socks]
TOUCHDOWN: Smoke Signals
With the looming possibility that college coaches may not be able to use text messages to bug the holy heck out of recruits, EDSBS examines alternate means of communication that will surely flourish in its wake. U NEED 2 COME 2 ST KTHX.
[Every Day Should Be Saturday]

Thursday’s Hottie Hit & Run

It’s all over the sports world today, but it is going to be here as well. Nothing is hotter than a pitcher throwing a no-hitter or a perfect game. I’m so mad I wasn’t watching I could just spit, but last night Mark Buehrle of the Chicago White Sox threw a no-hitter. In fact, he was one walk away from a perfect game. Amazing. The last no-hitter I watched was Randy Johnson’s against the Braves in 2004 and when he got the last out, I started crying. Mark, you are an amazing Hottie and the Ladies salute you. [Mark "buerhle" misses a perfect game]

The Ohio State Men’s basketball team is slated to act as coaches for the OSU spring game this coming weekend. Mike Conley Jr (pictured) will act as honorary head coach for the Scarlet team while Jamar Butler will head up the Gray team. That’s kind of awesome. Cheaty McSweatervest is unabashed in saying his motives are to try to keep Conley and Oden at OSU, rather than enter the NBA draft. Oden had to turn down the coaching position in order to attend his aunt’s wedding. It’s nice to see a 112 year-old woman find love. [Urban Meyer would say keep that horrible visage away from my beautiful coif]

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Hit and Run

* Is Grady Sizemore your next AL MVP? Early rumblings peg him as a favorite, just one week into the season. Early favorites for the NL MVP include David Wright’s teeth, Ryan Howard’s biceps and Marcus Giles’s ass. [Sizing up Cleveland's Sizemore as MVP-worthy]

* The Astros will retire Jeff Bagwell‘s No. 5 in August. Everyone cross fingers that his past choices in facial hair will also be permanently retired. [Astros plan to retire Bagwell's No. 5]

* Kevin Durant completes his sweep of all 7 national Player of the Year awards, picking up the Wooden Award over the weekend. But his most treasured award is the BFF necklace from Bill Simmons. [Durant wins John R. Wooden Award]

* What’s this? Pat Burrell is hot at the plate AND making defensive plays in the OF? If I would have known it only took a little “bend in the knees” to change his game, I’d have been happy to provide him a little knee-bending long ago. [Burrell goes deep as Phils pick up first win]

* Xavier Nady forgets that he plays for the Pirates and knocks a fly ball hit by Adam Dunn over the wall for a home run. Bucs manager says he is able to joke with Xavier about it- more like “Hah, hah wouldn’t it be funny if you did that again and then we benched you? Hilarious!” [Tracy able to laugh off Nady's catch]