Misery Loves Company… In Our Nation’s Capital

There is an understanding in my home state of Maryland, you either root for the Redskins, or you root for everyone else but the Skins. I’m a glutton for punishment, so I became a sad sap of a human, full equipped with Skins Starter jacket and a love of Joe Gibbs.  Follow me this week as we travel through the capital city of this great land, and the teams that almost seem like afterthoughts to professional sports.

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In Which We Get Around to Congratulating the Lakers, Finally

Undoubtedly you’ve noticed that us current Ladies are not the biggest NBA fans in the world, given the number of Stanley Cup related posts vs. NBA finals posts over the last week.  Of course in some ways the Stanley Cup was considerably more exciting than “The” Finals (and why can’t they come up with a catchy name? “The Finals” is so …bland).  And the Lakers won again.  Doesn’t it seem like the Lakers always win?  I knew, in the back of my head, that they hadn’t won in some time, but it took me by surprise to realize there were seven years between Kobe’s third and fourth title.

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Misery Loves Company… Lonestar Edition!

In this installment of our weekly exercise in the agony of defeat, we head south to Texas.  The heart of the Bible Belt, the home of Matthew McConaughey, Lance Armstrong, George Foreman, Nick Jonas, and the live music capital of the world; if the great fans of these teams can survive the Dust Bowl and bang bang McCoy, they can endure a few more years without championships!

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Theme Thursday: Hopefully More Difficult This Time

Todays image is NOT: monkeys, stuffed animals, or things I might buy as a baby gift.

Today's theme is NOT: monkeys, stuffed animals, or things I might buy as a baby gift.

Congratulations to MJ28, who not only won last week’s Theme Thursday, but set a new world record in doing so.   You all are getting entirely too good at this game.  I’m hoping this week will be more of a challenge.  Only the exact answer will be given bragging rights; getting only the easy part doesn’t count.  If someone gets this one in less than an hour I’m going to have to start consulting Elias or something.  Good luck!

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Misery Loves Company… In The Land of Lincoln!

In my latest installment of “Misery Loves Company,” we head west from Ohio and land in the lovely state of Illinois.  Home of the first McDonald’s, Blagojevich, and Wayne and Garth, would more could these fine people want… how bout a few more rings!

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Theme Thursday: The Themening

This has nothing to do with the post, I just wanted to run this picture again.

This week's theme is NOT: ducks, bath toys, creepy green bills

Our last round of Theme Thursday was won by familiarcraving, who didn’t submit a theme (you still can, fc! Theme Thursday prizes do not expire!).  So I’ve put together this week’s trio all by myself.  I’m pretty happy with this theme, because I came up with it even before I realized these three good-looking gentlemen qualified!

As usual, first person to guess correctly in the comments has the option of emailing us a future Theme Thursday idea. Ready? Go!

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Misery Loves Company


With the exception of very few major league teams, more likely than not your season consistently ends in tears.  Sitting in a bar this past Saturday, looking at the faces of those around me wearing Cavs jerseys, I was reminded once again of the ultimate reality of Ohio teams in the post season, and the heart break that lies therein.

The more I thought about it, we are not alone. You know who you are, kings and queens of “there’s always next year,” or preseason shouters of, “this is our year!”  And you can be found across this great nation.

So here begins my little journey across country, to highlight our defeats, but most importantly, the beauty that comes from being a fan, and the hope that maybe, just maybe, this really is our year!

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The Weekend Of Great Disappointment

Poor kid.

I suppose if you’re a Red Wings, Magic, Lakers, or Serena Williams fan, then it really wasn’t a disappointment of a weekend at all. But over all, this weekend seemed to be filled with disappointment from all over the world of sports – from a 25 inning game 1 showdown to missing the mark in the NBA finals.

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Hit and Run: There is Still Hope in Cleveland Today


Things got a little scary for Cleveland this week. Their series against the Magic took an ugly turn when they fell 3 games to 1. The Nuggets gave the Lakers a run for their money but with a 3-2 lead, it looks like LA will find themselves in the finals once again. It is déjà-vu all over again for the Stanley Cup Finals as the Penguins and Red Wings face off for the second time in as many years. And amidst all the playoff fun this week, there was some baseball thrown in there as well.

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In 50 words: Sunday stuff

After this paragraph, I’ve got just 50 words to fill you in on the big sports stories from Sunday. For the record, I’ll count a game’s score as one word (so “2-1″ is one word). Since there are lots of photos, I made them small, but you can click each photo to see the full-size version. Here we go!
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Weekend Roundup: Cutie Clutch Plays Edition

Pink Bats

This weekend surely proved to be a very exciting one in sports, what with all of the finals going on and some serious slugging. One major note to make is that BRETT FAVRE IS REMAINING RETIRED even though the Vikings are still interested, and of course, Manny has apologized to owner of the Dodgers Frank McCourt (next step: apologize to team mates). Here is a quick roundup of this weekend’s big plays, accompanied with the gorgey gents that made things possible… Continue reading

Theme Thursday Round 2

It’s time for another edition of Theme Thursday!  This week’s mysteriously connected hotties are maybe a little less famous than last week, but they all still have something in common.

Last week’s winner was gretchenarchangel, and I’m going to take her suggestion that the winner gets to suggest a theme for a future round.  So, gretchen, email us with your idea.  Those of you who came up with alternate solutions can brag that you were more creative than me, if that makes you happy.

Anyway, on to this week’s challenge!

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Belated NBA Playoff, Uh, Preview?

Ray Allens buzzer beater beat me, too.

So ... that happened. Yesterday. Oops.

So was anyone else completely surprised that the NBA playoffs started this weekend?  I know they are basically on the same schedule as the NHL and yet finding Lakers-Jazz Game 1 on my TV caught me totally off guard.  I think it’s because in April I’ve still got a bit of a March Madness hangover and what little bit of basketball news I can process gets obscured by the part of my brain screaming “BASEBALL!!!”

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Historic Hotties

Remember when I told all of you about the Ladies… fantasy football league? Well, sorry I didn’t give an update, but there’s one now! In a race that wasn’t so close, our two invitees, Thistle Warrior and Pam, crushed the Ladies. For real, it wasn’t funny. In the end it was between the two of them to see who would win. And our winner was…

Thistle Warrior! Her prize is a free post on this here blog. So without further ado here is TW.

I owe much of my sports fandom to my dad. He instilled in me with a love for sports, particularly its history. Over the years between my dad’s stories, documentaries, and countless books I have noticed that sports are an absolute hotbed for hotness. So without further ado, here is my Top 5 Historic Hotties:

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The Charlotte Bobcats Are Now Interesting

Does he look like a douche? Yes. Would I? Also yes.

Does he look like a douche? Yes. Would I? Also yes.

So, in a five player deal earlier this week, two of my personal favorite hotties, Boris Diaw and Raja Bell, got traded to the Bobcats for DILF Jason Richardson. (Don’t judge me. He’s J-Rich, for god’s sake.) Unfortunately for the hotness/goodness-ratio theory, this will probably make the Suns a better team; neither Boris nor Raja are fitting in under the new Suns regime, and besides which, Boris hasn’t particularly been any good since 2006 at the latest.But, who cares? They’re pretty.

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Your Thanksgiving Day Viewing Schedule

You know what the best part of Thanksgiving? It’s not the family or the food or any of that. It’s the sports you’ll be watching to get away from your family. Okay, and maybe the food. So I thought, when you’re half paying attention to your job or any news as it is today, that I would give you a highlight on some of the games that are coming tomorrow. You can be with your family during all the Black Friday stuff.

I find Dwight Howard to be totes adorable. Hell be adding to your sports viewing tomorrow.

I find Dwight Howard to be totes adorable. He'll be adding to your sports viewing tomorrow.

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Hump Day Hottie: Chris Paul

I have no idea why I’m on this NBA baller kick. But who cares when they’re really cute NBA ballers. I think I’ve said this before, but when Paul was at Wake Forest (for more than one year at that!) I hated him. Mostly because he was really good and played on a rival team, but the point is I didn’t like him. He also hit another players in the…man area. Way uncool. So when he finished his college career with an overtime lost (granted it was a great game) to West Virginia I was giddy in my hate.

Now, however, I really like Paul. He seems like a genuine good guy who loves basketball and Winston-Salem. And somehow through the hate I didn’t notice how hot he was. What a change in jersey can do. So I offer up to you the hotness that is CP3.

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We Score and Score and Score and Score and Fight!

Or, “Six ‘Score’s would just have been excessive.”

The delight! The deltoids!

The delight! The deltoids!

It’s been an exciting season already in the NBA, and it only started a couple weeks ago. Chauncey and Rip and Tayshaun had manly crying time, Dwight scored a triple double (with blocks!), the Hawks were undefeated, and the Rockets and the Suns got in a huge fistfight that did not involve Ron Artest, among others. The last week’s biggest headlines – illustrated, naturally – are just a jump away.

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Hump Day Hottie: Dwayne Wade

Chitown Chick and I seriously debated about, if Barack Obama won the Presidential election, making him the HDH this week. We were both for it and at about 11:30 PM last night I was thinking about all the great Grant Park speech pictures I could put up here (Chitown Chick was actually there last night. So. Jealous.). And then I realize that while CtC and I would love to have an Obama HDH, not every one of our readers might like that. There’s a reason why some (ok, a lot) people don’t like a mixing of sports and politics. And in the end it might be best to not have our lovely little blog be overrun with a bunch comments that have nothing to do with hot athletes.

So I thought I would go with another hottie from Chicago, Dwayne Wade. I actually don’t have much to talk about D-Wade with today as the NBA season is really just getting underway and I’m still on a politics high, but I thought it’d be cool to spread the Chicago love. And he somehow hasn’t been our HDH yet so it’s time to change that.

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Massive NBA Preview Part III: Atlantic and Northwest Divisions

(Yes, this is the 999th post – expect the 1000th post, featuring our collective number one hottie (can you guess who it is?) in the afternoon.)

Ladies and gentlemen – especially ladies… – I present the final part of our Massive NBA Preview In Pictures: two divisions per week, ten teams every Friday until the season starts at the end of this month. What teams will be good, what teams will do badly, and what hotties you should keep an eye out for: this preview answers all your questions. The divisions are chosen mostly by which teams I have enough pictures for by Friday. This week: the Atlantic division, featuring the Boston Celtics, the Raptors, and some bad large-market teams; and the Northwest division, featuring the Blazers, Nuggets, Jazz, and the eviscerated remnants of Seattle’s collective basketball-fan psyche. On to the hot basketball players!

Kevin Garnett loves the smell of napalm in the morning.

Kevin Garnett loves the smell of napalm in the morning.

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Massive NBA Preview Part II: Southeast and Southwest

We now interrupt your previously scheduled 100 Hotties entertainment to bring you some even more previously scheduled entertainment. This is the second part of the Massive NBA Preview in Pictures: two divisions per week, ten teams every Friday until the season starts at the end of this month. What teams will be good, what teams will do badly, and what hotties you should keep an eye out for: this preview answers all your questions. The divisions are chosen mostly by which teams I have enough pictures for by Friday. This week: the Southeast division, featuring the Heat, the Magic, the and the Wizards, and the Southwest division, featuring the Hornets, Rockets and Spurs.

How will the Hawks do this season? More importantly, how much hotter can Al Horford possibly get?

How will the Hawks do this season? More importantly, how much hotter can Al Horford possibly get?

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Massive NBA Preview: Central and Pacific Divisions

This is the first part of the Massive NBA Preview in Pictures: two divisions per week, ten teams every Friday until the season starts at the end of this month. What teams will be good, what teams will do badly, and what hotties you should keep an eye out for: this preview answers all your questions. The divisions are chosen mostly by which teams I have enough pictures for by Friday. This week: the Central division, featuring the Pistons, Bulls, and Cavaliers, and the Pacific division, featuring the Suns, Lakers and Warriors.

Welcome to Cleveland. King Jesus plays here.

Welcome to Cleveland. King Jesus plays here.

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The Highs and Lows of the Advertising Age

Vintage hottie!

Vintage(and groundbreaking) hottie!

The Chronicle of Higher Education reported on their News Blog yesterday that the planned Ernie Davis statue at Syracuse University is suffering from an unfortunate case of anachronism:

The bronze sculpture, unveiled on the campus on Saturday, depicts Mr. Davis wearing Nike cleats and a jersey with a swoosh across his chest, the Associated Press reports. The problem? Mr. Davis hung up his cleats at Syracuse in 1961, years before the brand existed. The university said the mistakes were those of the sculptor, who also included a too-modern helmet.

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Hottie Prospectus: The F’s Up With the Giant Pretty Dude?

Rey Maualuga, 62, 240, LB for USC. Strangely attractive.

Rey Maualuga, 6'3", 255, LB for USC.

I was under the impression that linebackers were, you know, rather lumpy. Not pretty, or at least not appealing to my own sensibilities. Then this cat from USC started showing up in ads and on my television.

Why was I not made aware of this sooner?

More Rey, and other hottie prospects for next year’s NFL and NBA drafts, after the jump.

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And No One Made A Single “Thunderdome” Reference. Not One.

This past Wednesday, the not-really-that-secret new name for the former Seattle Supersonics was officially revealed, along with the

Behold the power of unoriginal thinking!

Source: AP via The Tulsa World

team logo and colors (sky blue, yellow, and the shade exactly between Sooner crimson and Cowboy orange.  No, seriously.)  Back in July, when “Thunder” first became the strongly rumored front-runner for the new name, I happened to be visiting my family in Tulsa and none of us were particularly impressed.  So, now that the new name comes complete with a shiny new look, I thought I’d check in and see if real, live Oklahomans (or at least those who would answer my email) had been swept up in Thundermania.

Eh, not so much.

The Nickname:

“Thunder is a pretty goofy pick, if we are going to be a generic name, pick an animal.  We should have been something with an Oklahoma connotation.  I guess at least we can use AC/DC’s Thunderstruck as a theme song.  So we may have the best intro song in the NBA. [Editor's Note: Not being a big AC/DC fan, I have to disagree with this point.]” — My father

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Friday Afternoon Grab-Bag: Wait, Two More Months?

I had a busy week, y’all, and I’m tired. It was my first week of classes, and of work; on top of that, there was cleaning up from Fay, taking care of new kittens, trying to figure out who to draft in fantasy football, and staying up for the DNC. Yes, I am a dork. But I am a sports dork, and as I paged through my planner this morning – determined to be organized for the first time in my life – my thoughts turned, as they often do, to basketball. Specifically, the NBA. And, as I actually noted the dates on my planner pages, my heart sank. The NBA’s season doesn’t start until October 31st. With a quadruple-header, no less! How am I going to deal that long?

But then, my heart sank even further, for at the end of my hectic week I realized: crap, I haven’t planned anything for my post this afternoon. I want to do right by you all, so I scoured my various folders for the very best of the pictures I’ve saved: pictures I’ve never had recourse to use here before, cute pictures, hot pictures, pictures for an off-season rainy day. For example, this picture of Kevin Garnett. Never had a post to use it in before; the Timberwolves jersey made it out of date before I even became a Lady. But I do appreciate his intensity here. And also, veins.

And so, join me in weeping at the length of the offseason enjoying the best of the basketball grab-bag – long on pictures, short on analysis – after the jump.
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