Yes, Again: The (Last-Minute) Case For Tim Lincecum

There is a statistically-inclined rant after the jump that I think you all need to hear.

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What NOT to buy the Ladies… this holiday season


This actually makes me cringe.

I was recently sharing with the Ladies… one of the few beefs I had about my visit to Yankee Stadium in September: the womens’ wear shop. Now mind you I was on a mission for something very specific (a womens’ cut Swisher or Hughes tee) and the chances of snagging it were slim. Needless to say, I didn’t find it. I did find an awful lot of pink tees, caps, bats and foam fingers. And Jeter and A-Rod shirts. And rhinestones.

Fortunately has plenty to offer according to one’s taste, but some of the selections still leave us scratching our heads. Join me as I play second-rate fashion critic after the jump.

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